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Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection; Will and documents for Nicholas Gilbert, yeoman

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1. Will [2 pages] dated 30 December 1731, with signature:

Beneficiaries: To Elizabeth, wife, and Elizabeth, daughter, all household stuff and 'all the Liquors in my cellers and all the vessels or utencills as the sayd Liquors are now in.'
To John, Michael and William, sons, all stock, cattle etc to be equally divided between them less the horses as under:
That to son, Nicholas, the best horse or mare and to son John the second best horse or mare or £5 which ever is the greater value.
The three sons John, Michael and William to raise £30 from the estate to give to their sister Elizabeth.
[in addition there is a complex provision in the will regarding coppice woodland being made available to son Nicholas who has entered into a verbal arrangement to marry Elizabeth Pitt, daughter of William Pitt, dyer of Clodock and what happens if the marriage does not take place.]

Executrix: wife, Elizabeth with son, Nicholas as Trustee.

Witnesses: James Pitt, Francis Ralph & Robert Davies

Date of Probate:
23 June 1740 .

2. Inventory:
[plus copy] Dated 28 January 1731/32, value £84 10 0d. Appraisers, Thomas Howe, John Prichard & Thomas Gwillim.



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Includes a separate cover sheet. 5 pages in all.

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