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Probate Collection; Will and documents for Jane Gilbert, wife of James Gilbert [2nd husband]

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1. Will [5 sheets] dated 25 September 1795

Beneficiaries: [This is a complex will involving the terms of a marriage settlement concerning property brought by the testator to her second marriage. Under the terms of the settlement:
A property in Llancillo identified as in the possession of Nicholas Gilbert to be placed in trust for 500 years and £200 to be raised against it. This money to be disbursed to her own children but as she has no issue she may under the settlement dispose of the money as she sees fit.]
To nephews John, James & William and niece Eliza George children of brother James George to be shared equally
The rents and profits from a second property in Llancillo, currently in the possession of Peter Daniel, together with a cottage on the premises, being lived in by John Morgan, also within the power of the testator to dispose of under the settlement, is left to her niece Catherine Gilbert. Catherine Gilbert is to pay from the rents and profits £50 each to the testator's nephews John,Theophilus and George Gilbert and £100 to her brother William Gilbert yet another nephew within one year of taking possession of her legacy.

Executor: John Gilbert

Signed by testator

Witnesses: Thomas Price of Lawns, J.Prosser of Castlefield & W. Marsh of Gevorldith[?] in Clodock.

Date of Probate:
23 December 1802

2. Inventory : none but Registration Instruction states 'Effects sworn under £300.'




This is a very complex will, clearly prepared by a lawyer for a lady with considerable disposable assets. Will only, 5 sheets.

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