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Jakeman & Carver’s Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire

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Trades and professions named in Llancillo include:

Vicar: Reverend James Martin Kennedy [since 1864]

Mentions property called:  

Arcadia [Job Jones]

The Court [Edward Farr]

Llancillo Hall [George Prosser]

Pool farm [John Smith]

Sunny bank [John Williams]

Upper House [John Morgan]

An image of the full 1890 Jakeman & Carver’s Directory entry for Llancillo is given below.


Local farmers are named. The area, population, rateable value, main crops, geology, county court and election arrangements and other details of the Parish are given. E Scudamore Lucas Esq [Lord of the Manor] and the Scottish Union Insurance Office are the principal landowners. The church is in a bad state of repair, has no road to it and is unfit for divine service.

This directory is not comprehensive in its coverage of all farms and commercial premises in the parish at the time. Also, in the transcribed lists of properties that are named, spellings in the original have sometimes been amended to reflect more common usage. In case of doubt please refer to the image of the original entry.

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