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C 93/37/25


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Partial transcription: Commissioners’ decree concerning a charity for the poor of Vowchurch and Turnastone

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Partial transcription by David Lovelace, spellings modernised, abbreviations expanded. {} brackets in text, [] missing text, ( ) my comments, words in italic unsure.


PRO C 93/37/25

PRO description: Charity 28 Charles II

Whereas Richard Parry gent deceased by his last will and testament in writing dated the 20th November 1626 and duly proved in the chancellors court of the diocese of Hereford did give ten pounds in money to be set out to use and increase by the churchwardens of Vowchurch and Turneston and that such use that shall be had and made thereof

should be divided amongst the poor of the said parishes upon Good Friday yearly forever the which said ten pounds was lent and delivered unto James Parry late Poston gent deceased to the end that he should give ??l?s?ity for payment of the interest thereof to the use of the said poor forever wherever upon the said James Parry did to that purpose by his indenture of conveyance dated the third day of October in the tenth year of the reign of our late sovereign lord king Charles the first (1634) & did grant and convey unto Epyphan Howarth Esq. Robert Kempe Esq. Richard Layton gent Thomas Greene gent parishioners and the said parishes and their heirs forever certain parcels of land and ground lying in Poston in the parish of Vowchurch   one parcel of woodland containing about three acres lying between the lands then of Paul Delehay gent and Richard Wright gent and the lands then of Lewis Price and Margery Lloyd on all or some parts thereof   one other parcel of land containing about four acres lying between the lands late of Lewis Price Epyphan Howarth Henry Phillpott and Richard Layton and all or some part thereof    one parcel of ground called the plash containing about four acres   one parcel of lane lying between a way leading from Poston to Postons Hill and the lands then of John Parry Esq and Richard Layton on all or some part thereof and one parcel of ground called Bedowbaugh containing about two acres all which now art in the possession of Nicholas Phillpott the elder of the city of Hereford gent who purchased the same in fee of the said James Parry and duly paid the interest of the said ten pounds unto the said poor and to the end the same may not be obscured or withholden hereafter hath demonstrated the matters aforesaid unto the said commissioners humbly praying their decree therein. Whereupon the said commissioners by the authority aforesaid do hereby order adjudge and decree that the said several parcels or lands and grounds with appurtenances are and forever hereafter shall continue and be charged with and liable unto the tolerated use and interest of the said ten pounds according to the laws of this kingdom and that the said Nicholas Phillpott his heirs and assigns owners or occupiers of the said premises do forever hereafter duly pay the said interest and increase of the said ten pounds per annum to the churchwardens of the said parishes be by them distributed amongst the poor there on Good Friday As? by the said will is directed.




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