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National Hedgelaying Championship: Turnastone Court Farm

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Golden Valley




Extracts and photographs from the 2009 Newsletter of the National Hedgelaying Society, reporting on the 2009 National Hedgelaying Championship held at Turnastone Court Farm in the Golden Valley.

Letter from the chairman

We were kindly invited to Turnastone Court Farm by the Countryside Restoration Trust and by Robert and Chrissy Fraser to see the famous Golden Valley with its famous fertile red soil and equally famous red Herefords, next to the River Dore where the site has breeding curlews and lapwing. Seven hedges were laid in 10 different styles to a high standard, when finished the outlook was much changed; it has really opened it up - one man’s winters work done in 5.5 hours to the benefit of the curlew. Weather wise it was indifferent, as fast as you put your coat on, you had to take it off, no sooner you’ve done that you had to put it back on, it caused a slight inconvenience all round, as well as being in a mobile phone black spot. A good crowd of local spectators came to see the first competition in the area for 23 years and they appreciated what they saw, I received many comments in the pleasure people took from seeing the young competitors who all made a good job….


2009 Supreme Champion Andrew Holding  

National Hedge Laying Championship 2009 Results
Held at Turnastone Court Farm, Vowchurch, Hereford Courtesy of The Countryside Restoration Trust and Rob & Chrissy Fraser. 


Supreme Champion (NFU Trophy, £30 Cash) Andrew Holding

Class 1 Midland Open. The Game Lea Cup 1st (£70 Cash) Steve Leslie 2nd (£50 Cash) David Smith 3rd (£30 Cash) Malcolm Johnson 4th (£10 Cash) Rob Thompson

Class 2 Midland Inter. Farmers Weekly Trophy 1st (£50 Cash) Andy Hollis 2nd (£30 Cash) Guy Robbins 3rd (£10 Cash) David Walker 4th (£5 Cash) David Payne 5th (Certificate) Andrew Crow

Class 3 Midland Vets. Reg Fox Memorial 1st (£50 Cash) Alan Hollins 2nd (£30 Cash) Peter Tunks 3rd (£10 Cash) Clive Matthew

Class 4 Welsh (Stake & Pleach). 1st (£70 Cash) Glyn Davies 2nd (£50 Cash) Elwyn Davies 3rd (£30 Cash) Mark Harding 4th (£10 Cash) Jim Lane

Class 5 Welsh (Crop & Pleach) Carved Trophy 1st (£70 Cash) Andrew Evans 2nd (£50 Cash) Tom Evans 3rd (£30 Cash) Keith Lawrence

Class 5a Welsh Junior & YFC. 1st (£50 Cash) Ben Pritchard 2nd (£30 Cash) Richard Gethin 3rd (£10 Cash) Josh Christopher

Class 5b Welsh (Montgomery). 1st (£70 Cash) Richard C Gethin 2nd (£50 Cash) Richard Lewis 3rd (£30 Cash) Carwyn Jones 4th (£10 Cash) R Harding

Class 6 Derby Open. Hutchinson Trophy 1st (£70 Cash) Andrew Holding 2nd (£50 Cash) Samuel Redfern 3rd (£30 Cash) Peter Hardy

Class 7 SoE Open. Royal Cup & Carved Trophy 1st (£70 Cash) John Savings 2nd (£50 Cash) Paul Matthews 3rd (£30 Cash) Gary Moore 4th (£10 Cash) Stephen Mockford

Class 8 & 9 SoE Intermediate & Veterans. 1st (£50 Cash) Dave Truran 2nd (£30 Cash) Ron Mouland 3rd (£10 Cash) Ian Johnson

Class 10 Lancs. & West´d Open. Lancs. & West Shield 1st (£70 Cash) Robert Bell 2nd (£50 Cash) Peter Gibson 3rd (£30 Cash) Michael Close 4th (£10 Cash) Dariusz Knownaki

Class 10a Lancs. & Westmorland Juniors. Lancs. & West Junior Shield 1st (£25 Cash) Henry Knowles 2nd (£20 Cash) Michael Todd 3rd (£15 Cash) Craig Proctor 4th (£10 Cash) Jack Carradice 5th (£5 Cash) James Park

Class 11 Yorkshire. Tarmac Trophy, Carved Trophy 1st (£70 Cash) Jasper Prachek 2nd (£50 Cash) Michael Howard 3rd (£30 Cash) Damon Peacock

Class 12 Devon Open Cup, Carved Trophy 1st (£70 Cash, Alan Young 2nd (£50 Cash) Colin Risdon 3rd (£30 Cash) Martin Turner 4th (£10 Cash) Stuart Drew

Class 13 North Somerset. Frank Wear Cup 1st (£70 Cash) Paul Gulliford 2nd (£50 Cash) William Gray 3rd (£30 Cash) Chris Chivers 4th (£10 Cash) 



Other Prizes awarded

Best Intermediate SoE(John Blake Cup) Michael Bentley

Best veteran SoE(Shell Tankard) Dave Truran

Best Work on a poor Length.(£10 Cash) Paul Martin

Best Staked Length Derby Style (Sam Archer Memorial Cup) Andrew Holdiing

Best Overall Stake & Binding (John Walker Cup) David Smith

Young farmers Award(Carved Trophy) Sam Redfern

Overall veterans Classes 3 & 6 (H E Samuel Tankard) Richard C Gethin

Best Welsh Veteran Classes 4, 5, 5b (Shell Tankard) Richard C Gethin

Best Under 21 (Tankard & £10 Cash) Sam Redfern

Best Lady (Carved Trophy & £10 Cash) Heather Swift

Oldest Competitor (Bottle of Scotch) Graham Smith

Youngest Competitor (£10 cash, Pair of Gloves) Jack Carradice

Best Midland Regrowth (John Hawkins Cup) Alan Ashby

Best Regrowth Derby Style (The Sunset Trophy) Derrick Hale

Best Summer hedge Lancs. & West’d (1st Leisure Trophy) Andrew Kirkwood

Best Regrowth SoE (Charlie Tunks Memorial Cup) Rob Graham

Best SoE Regrowth Veterans(Fred Mouland Memorial Cup) Dave Truran

Best Somerset & Devon Regrowth (Blackdown Hills Assoc’ Cup) Mike Walter

Best Yorkshire Regrowth (£10 Cash) Tony Leonard

Best Regrowth overall (HRH Cup, £20 Cash) Alan Ashby

Best Intermediate (National Cup) Andy Hollis

Best Welsh Cutter (CLA Trophy) Glyn Davies 















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