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Digital Archive - Reverend CT Brothers’ Scrapbook: Photograph of Newspaper Cutting describing mementoes of Blanche Parry at Bacton Church

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Photograph of a newspaper cutting describing mementoes of Blanche Parry, Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I, held at Bacton Church. Blanche Parry was born at Newcourt, Bacton, and died on 12th February 1589 at the age of 82 years. In addition to a contemporary monument to her, Bacton Church possesses a piece of embroidery presented by her. It is described as a strip of a skirt or kirtle of white silk woven with silver and embroidered with bright coloured patterns with flowers and animals, reputedly from a garment worn by Queen Elizabeth.



There are other references to Blanche Parry and Newcourt in the ELSG database, which can be found by entering the terms in the search engine.

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Ref: rs_gdv_0120