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Digital Archive: Collection of Press Cuttings – Golden Valley Railway [part 2 of 3]

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Golden Valley


1887 - 1888


Photographs of press cuttings from 19th century newspapers relating to the activities of the Golden Valley Railway between 1887 and 1888


Newspapers include The Birmingham Daily Post, Bristol Mercury, The Standard, Western Mail, Morning Post, Daily News and Pall Mall Gazette.


Birmingham Daily Post April 1st 1887

Morning Post January 15th 1887


Morning Post November 16th 1887_1


Morning Post November 16th 1887_2


Morning Post November 16th 1887_3


Morning Post November 16th 1887_4


Western Mail March 24th 1887


Western Mail October 7th 1887


Birmingham Daily Post April 26th 1888


Birmingham Daily Post April 27th 1888


Birmingham Daily Post December 24th 1888


Daily News December 13th 1888


Western Mail April 21st 1888


Western Mail April 26th 1888_1


Western Mail April 26th 1888_2


Western Mail April 26th 1888_3


Western Mail June 1st 1888


Western Mail March 1st 1888_1


Western Mail March 1st 1888_2



The Hereford Times and Hereford Journal are not part of the British Library collection, but back issues of the period containing significant references to the Golden Valley Railway are held at Hereford Public Library. Much of the material in the other journals above appears to be copied from or syndicated by the two Hereford papers.

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