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Chronology of the Rectors of Bacton

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Golden Valley


1685 - 2007


Rectors of Bacton


Revd. William Peyton, by 1665 - died 1680. As he was also the vicar of Saint John Baptist, the parish of Hereford Cathedral, he employed curates at Bacton who included Walter Hurdman (1671) and Lewis Price (from 1671). In 1671 it was noted that though Revd. W. Peyton was resident in Hereford, he does duty without complaint. He chose the parish clerk who does the best he can. The Church was in sufficient repair with a decent Communion table and large surplice. The pre-Reformation chalice was noted. Everyone went to Communion and the parchment register was kept with returns sent to the diocese on time. There were no recusants and no-one suspected of adultery. Further, the churchyard fence was noted as part pales and part hedge. There was a terrier of glebelands and though the parish had no hospitals, there was a physician, a surgeon and a midwife.

Revd. John Willim, rector, from 4th February 1680 - deprived 1691. He was also inducted as rector of Dore on 27th March 1680. His curate was Charles Manfield.

Revd. William Evans, M.A., from 21st January 1691 - died 1705. His curate was John Chelmick.

Revd. Isaiah Jones, from 16th October 1705 - resigned 1723.

Revd. John Price, from 19th July 1723 - died 1773.

Revd. William Parry, from 5th June 1773 - resigned 1778.

Revd. Thomas Higgins B.A., from 8th April 1778 - died 1802.

Revd. John Higgins, from 13th January 1802 - died 1818. He also held Llanwarne from 23rd April 1810 (windows removed 1811) where he lived saying there was no parsonage house at Bacton.

Revd. Bennett Hoskyns M.A., from 5th December 1818 - resigned 1835.

Revd. Charles Proberts (or Roberts), rector of Bacton from 26th February 1835, and Clodock, -died 1884.

Revd. Collinson, the curate, lived in Bacton Rectory. In 1860 when he was chaplain to the Dore Union workhouse, he persuaded the Board to allocate £1 for a small library for the inmates. On his retirement in 1887 the Board recorded their thanks to him in the minute-book for the uniform assiduity and kindness with which he discharged the important duties in performing services of the Church of England and administrating spiritual consolation to the inmates of the workhouse.

Revd. William Graydon Harrison, vicar of Bacton, from 29th June 1884 - resigned 1891.

Revd. John Grosvenor Monro M.A., rector of Bacton, 13th August 1891 - 1904. As the church was in a deplorable condition, Revd. Monro organised fund-raising. He tried to restore the windows from Atcham. During restoration Church services were held in the newly constructed parish / village hall. The church re-opened on the 7th May 1894, the total cost including the tower (1907) being £11,000.

Revd. Charles Thomas Brothers, rector of Bacton, 1904 to 1952, during which time he refused the offer of preferment from several Bishops of Hereford. He donated three stained-glass windows to the Church: that depicting Saint Faith in 1905, and Saint Lawrence and Saint Stephen in 1921. He was also chaplain to the Dore Union workhouse. His sister kept house for him and his time at Bacton was chronicled in the monthly magazines, an invaluable record of parish life. When he died, after a tenure of 49 years, the parishioners placed the tablet to his memory in the Church.

Bacton joined with Abbey Dore:


Revd. Herbert G. Pickard 1952 -1963

Revd. David Powell Richards 1963 -1976

Ewyas Harold Team Ministry officially constituted from 1979:


Revd. John D. Johnson 1979 - 1982

Revd. Michael M. Edge 1982 -1994

Revd. Arthur L. Moore 1994 -1998

Revd. Prebendary James F. Butterworth 1998 - 2007

Revd. Ashley F. Evans 2007 -





This chronology was included in papers from the Brothers Collection; it is not known who compiled it, and the content has not been checked by ELSG.

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