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Water-mills of the Monnow and Trothy and their tributaries; SD Coates and DG Tucker

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Ewyas Lacy




The extract below lists the Mills named in the book. The publication provides details of the condition and known history of each mill and the names of families and others associated with them, where known, plus a bibliography giving references to original archive documents. It also contains considerable historical and other information relating to water milling and mill-based industrial activity in the area (including forges). The geographical coverage includes the valleys of the rivers Honddu, Monnow, Dore and the Escley Brook, plus the river Trothy. It therefore embraces much of the Hundred of Ewyas Lacey, but also runs beyond its limits, since it is based on water courses, not on political or other artificial boundaries.

Alltyrynys Mill

Blackbrook Mill

Brookhouse Mill

Chanstone Mill

Clodock Mill

Cornfield Mill

Cwmcarvan Mill

Cwm Dulas Mill

Cwm Mill Crasswall

Cwm Mill Dorstone

Cwmyoy Mill

Daren Mill

Dingestow Mill

Dore Mill

Dorstone Mill

Dreadnought Disc Mill

Forest Mill Crasswall

Forge Llancillo

Forge Peterchurch

Forge Pontrilas

Garway Mill

Grosmont Mill

Hoadalbert Mill

Home Farm Mill Dulas

Kentchurch Mill

Killpeck Mill

Little Mill

Little Mill Llandewi-Sgyrrid

Little Mill Llanfaenor

Little Mill (Tregare Mill)

Little Walk Mill Farm

Llandewi Rhydderch Mill

Llanfihangel Crucorney Mill

Llanthony Mill

Llanthony Saw Mill

Llantillio Mill

Llanvapley Mill

Lower House Farm Mill

Lower Mill Clodock

Lower Mill Rowlestone

Lower Town Mill Llanvapley

Michaelchurch Escley Mill

Monnow Mill

Morlas Mill

Moorless Mill

New Buildings Farm Mill

New Court Mill

New Weir Forge

Olchon Farm Mill

Olchon Mill

Old Daren Mill

Old Mill

Old Mill Crasswall

Pentannet’s Mill

Pentoyne Mill

Pentwyn Mill

Perthir (Perthyres) Mill

Pontrilas Mill

Pontygwyrlodau (Pontys) Mill

Pontyrkerthorian (Pontys Mill)

Pontys Mill

Pontynys Mill

Poston Mill

Priory Mill

Queens Mills

Rehlan Mill

Ribley Mill

Rullings Mill

Ruthlin Mill

Skenfrith Mill

Snodhill Mill

Stones Mill

Tal-y-Coed Mill

Tregare Mill

Tregate Mill

Trenant Mill

Trerew Mill

Trewyn Mill

Troy House Tuck Mill

Upper Mill Rowlestone

Urishay Mills

Walk Mills

Wonastow Mill

Wormbridge Mill

Yrychlyn Paper mills


Published by the Monmouth District Museum Service, Monmouth Museum, Monmouth, Gwent

Copyright SD Coates & DG Tucker 1978

Currently out of print (2002)

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