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F94/11 and F94/IV


Snodhill Papers and Watkins Papers from Catalogue


Various Deeds and Documents

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Ewyas Lacy


1389 - 1907


The following are listed by the HRO as Snodhill Papers, papers relating to the Watkins family and Miscellaneous. Given the considerable similarity between people and places, they have been recorded here as one set of papers. The only alteration made is to list them all by date rather than HRO reference number although the differences are limited. Also, in a number of cases, only a précis of the Catalogue entry has been given to exclude information that does not relate to Ewyas Lacy. Editor’s text and comments are shown in square brackets thus [    ]. A few of these entries are also held separately on this site.


1389 F94/11/252

Gift 14th January 1389.


1)        Gerrald ap Philow ap Philow

2)        Philip Lippa ap Philip ap Lenon of Ewyas Lacy and Agnes his wife.


All lands and tenements with appurtenances, in Mescoid [Maes-Coed], Ewyas Lacy, in the lordship of Lady Elizabeth Despencer. To hold for life of the chief lords in fee by usual services.

Witnesses: John ap Henry Jenkyn de la Hay, David ap Howell, Madoc ap Lenan, Vauchan, Richard ap Robyn " and many others" .

Thursday after St. Hilary, 12 Richard II.


1576 F94/11/212

Gift 7th June 1576.


1)        Nicholas Havard, lord of the manor of Craswall

2)        Philip Thomas John ap Richard


Messauge in Crassewall [Craswall] and a meadow and close of land next the messuage and also a parcel of land next a close called “the closse” beneythe the chappell and also that same close: a close called “Kay Nycholl” and a close called Kay Walter and another parcel of land called Kay James, a parcel of land called Kay Turner.


1604 F94/11/248

Feoffment. 7th October 1604.


1)        John Griffiths of Glascombe, husbandman

2)        John Sawnders of Michaelchurch Escleye [Michaelchurch Escley], tanner.


Consideration: £13

Two English acres called Randyrothe in Michaelchurch Esclye, in length between the highway at one end and the lands late of Richard a [?ap] Powell Lloyd and in breadth between the lands late Thomas Powell Gllus on the one side and the Parke of Snodle [Snodhill] on the other side: and also every third year the use of a watercourse running through a fold late of Howell Gwillym ap Rees and adjoining a messuage called Penyparke [Pen-y-park]. To hold to Sawnders and heirs or in default of issue to the use of Thomas Jenkyns jun., younger son of Thomas Jenkyns of Morehampton, tanner, and heirs.


1605 F94/11/213

Assignment 19th April 1605.


1)        William Phellipp of Craswall, co. Herefs., yeoman and Katherine, wife

2)        Thomas John Lewis of Craswall, yeoman and John Thomas, one of sons of said Thomas.


Lease 10th Feb 1579

1)        Richard Lingen of Priors Court co. Herefs,.and Nicholas Havard gent

2)        Phellipp Thomas John Richard (father of 1) above)


House and lands in Craswall having messuage called Maes Gwin, brook called the Monnow, brook called Ceyhae and messuage called Wern Thee on all sides thereof.

1000 years, 46s 8d pa.

Assignment 20th March 1593

1)        Ellinor Verch Watkin (administratrix of Phellipp Thomas John Richard above)

2)        William Phellipp and Katherine wife


Property as above for remainder of term.

Now: Consideration, marriage already had between said William and Katherine Verch Thomas, a daughter of Thomas John Lewis, sum of money as dowry, and sum of £53 6s 8d to cover debts of Phellipp.

Properties as above assigned to 2) for remainder of term, to uses as follows:

Meadow and three closes pasture (specified) to Lewis and son until repayment made by Phellipps of £53 6s 8d then to Phellipp, Katherine and heirs. Residue of estate in trust for Phellipp, Katherine and heirs. If Phellipps should die, Lewis and son to occupy half said estate, in trust for Phellipp’s children.

[It is possible that William Phellipp is a mis-print for William Phillipp]


1605 F94/11/214

Bond 19th April 1605

William Phellippe of Craswall, yeoman, is bound to Thomas John Lewis and Jones Thomas John Lewis of Clidocke [Clodock], yeoman.

In £300

For the performance of covenants in deeds of the same date.


1607 F94/11/89

Quitclaim. 6th August 1607


1)        William Rychard, Thomas John Reese, son & heir of Rycharde Thomas John Reese of the parish of Clodocke [Clodock], yeoman.

2)        George ap Parry.


All right etc. in 5 acres arable in Dorstons Filde in Dorston [Dorstone] between lands of Phillip Watkins and lands of Harry Jones.


1635 F94/11/215

Deed to declare the uses of a fine, dated 16th April 11 Charles [1635].


1)        Jenett Lewis of Craswall, widow and John Lewis son and heir of Jenett

2)        Thomas Powell Maddy of Michaelchurch Escley, gent and James Nicholls of Craswall, yeoman.


Reciting that a fine was levied in Easter 11 Charles, between Maddy Nicholls plaintive and Jenett and John, defendant of 1 messuage, 2 barns, 1 garden, 43a meadow, 60a land, 60a pasture, 40a wood in Craswall.

Now – moiety of capital messuage where Thomas John Lewis dec’d and Lewys Thomas dec’d later dwelled with moiety of all houses, barns, buildings and edifices belonging with closes of arable lands, pasture and woods belonging 160a lying in length between the way from Longtown toward Foresttheane and thence turning directly along the way leading from the highway downward from the upper side of the school lane to the brook called Monowe [Monnow] and from thence along the one side of the Monowe next to the lane to a certain Orle then over the brook where there was once a bridge near the Orle and thence to a Hollin tree then to a Maple tree growing in the hedge of a close called [?Erowe] Bante and thence leading by a hedge that leads towards Cae Claes on the one road and the lane leading from Pantey Glyson towards a place called [?Deewene] and lands of Leyson Thomas Esq. dec’d at the other hand and between lands of the said Leisons Thomas Esq, the lands called Tyre mabe y lloyale and lands called Tyre nyle [?Ginte] on one side and land of Thomas Watkins and close called Cay Glaces on the other.

To Maddy and Nicholls.

To the use of Jenett for life; then to the use of John and Katherine his wife for their lives then to the use of the heirs of John and Katherine and in default of such heirs, to the use of the right heirs of John.

The other moiety of Maddy and Nicholls.

To the use of John and Katherine, then to their heirs, then to the right heirs of John.


1636 F94/11/51

Feoffment, Ante-nuptial marriage settlement. 9th February 1636
Morgan Dela Hay of Clydock, clerk [ Morgan Delahay of Clodock; a party to this document that relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy]


1636 F94/11/52

Bond. 24th November 1636
John Watkin of Hinton in Peterchurch is bound to Rowland Jenings of Clowdock [Clodock], yeoman, in £12 for peaceable prasessin by Rowland Jenings of messuage in which John Watkin now lives, with garden and 3 closes and arable and pasture adjoining 4 acres in Hinton, enfeoffed to him by John Watkin.


1636 F94/11/53

Bond. 16 Jan 1636 (1636/7)
Thomas Jenings of Newton, yeoman, is bound to Rowland Jenings of the same, tanner, in £80 for performance of covenants in indentures of equal date.


1637 F94/11/54

Quitclaim. 2 Dec 1637

     1) John Watkin of Peterchurch, yeoman and Elinor his wife.
     2) Rowland Jenings of Clowdock [Clodock], yeoman.

Consideration: £12
Messuage in which John and Elinor live and a garden and three several closes adjoining 4 acres in the township of Hinton, Peterchurch.


1637 F94/11/55

Feoffment, (Mortgage) December 13 Charles (1637)

     1) Rowland Jenings of Clowdock [Clodock], yeoman.
     2) John Watkin of Peterchurch, yeoman.

Messuage in which John Watkin now lives and also one garden and three several closes of arable land and pasture adjoining 4 acres in Peterchurch, which Rowland Jenings lately purchased of the said John Watkin and Elinor his wife. Subject to redemption by payment of £12 to the first party on 10 Dec. 1640 or on 10 Dec. 1643 or on 10 Dec., 1646 or on 10 Dec. 1649: or by payment of 19 shillings on every 9 Dec. until the sum of £12 be fully paid, the payment to be made at Rowland Jenings' dwelling house in Clowdock [Clodock].



1637 F94/11/216

Marriage Settlement dated 16th April 1637


1)        Jenette Lewis, Craswall, widow and John son & heir

2)        Thomas Powell Maddie and James Michells of Michaelchurch [Escley]


In fulfilment of marriage articles concerning marriage of John Lewis to Catherine wife 1) now conveys to 2) all that messuage barn garden orchard and lands in Crasswall lately owned by Thomas John Lewis and in late occupation of Lewis Thomas – in trust.


1641 F94/11/30

Lease. 4 May 1641


1)  Nicholas Phillpotts of Snowdle [Snodhill], gent.

2)  Phillip Powell of Clodock, yeoman.


Messuage in Snowdle in which Henry Philpotts, gent, decd., lately lived and all houses, lands etc., of which Nicholas Phelpotts is seised in Peterchurch and Dorston [Dorstone].

For 9 years.

Rent: £50 in the first year and £56 p.a. during the residue of the term. (detailed husbandry covenants)


1641 F94/11/56

Feoffment. 16th March 1641.


1)        John Watkin of Peterchurch, yeoman.

2)        Rowland Jenyngs of Clodoke [Clodock], yeoman.


Consideration: Further sum of £9

Recitation: Feoffment, 27 December 13 Charles by Rowlande Jenynges to John Watkins messuage in which John Watkins then lived, garden, three several closes of land adjoining 4 acres in Peterchurch, and which Jenyngs had bought of Watkins and Eline his wife, subject to mortgage for £12 payable by John Watkins.


1641 F94/11/217

Assignment of Lease. 10th January 1641.


1)        Thomas William, Crasswall [Craswall], yeoman

2)        Watkin William, Cusop, yeoman



1. 10 Feb. 21 Eliz. [1579] lease by Richard Lingen Esq., and Nicholas Havard, gent, to Phillip Thomas, John Prichard, messuage and lands in Crasswall lying between lands of Griffith Harry Lewis called the Maes Gwine and the Monow [Monnow] Brook and in breadth between Leghee Brook and lands of David Harry called Werne Dee, for 1,000 years at 45s 8d p.a.

2. 20 Mar. 1593, assignment of above by Elinor Verge Watkins, administratrix of Phillip Thomas, John Pritchard to William Phillip and Catherine, wife.

3. Above now descended to 1).

Now: Consideration £25. Above lease assigned to 2).


1643 F94/11/249

Will (Copy fragment) 9th July 1643
George Parry, Michaelchurch Escley.
To Church of St. Davyd. 6d.
To daughter Mary Parry freehold lands with remainder to other daughter Eleanor to pay £50 to Paul Delahay.
To Eleanor daughter, one brown bay mare.
To Ann, daughter, yoke of oxen coloured brown.
To Sibell, daughter, 1 iron grey mare.
To Mary, daughter, lease of lands from Michael Thomas.


1646 F94/11/218

Letters of Administration 18th October 1646
To Joan Phillipp widow to administer the estate of her husband William Phillipp of Crasswall [Craswall] lately deceased.


1647 F94/11/219

Assignment in Trust 17th May 1647.


1)        Joan Phillipps relict of Watkin William of Crasswall [Craswall] dec’d: Katherine and Eleanor, spinsters, daughters.

2)        Watkin David, Crasswall, John Davys, Woolhope & William Higgin, Crasswall.



1. Lease 10 Feb. 1579

1)        Richard Lingen of Priors Courte, esq., and Nicholas Havard, gent.

2)        Phillip Thomas John Pritchard, Crasswall,

messuage and lands in Crasswall between lands of Griffith Harrie Lewis called the Maes Gwin and the Monnow Brook for 1,000 years at 46s 8d p.a.

2. 20 Mar. 1583, Assignment by Eleanor Watkin, Crasswall, administrator of estate of Philipp Thomas John Pritchard dec’d. to William Phillips, his son and Catherine, wife of above lease [?leasee].

3. Inheritance of a lease by Thomas William brother of Watkin William.

4. 10 Jan. 1641 assignment by Thomas to Watkin William late husband of Joan Phillips of above lease at £10 p.a.

Now Lease conveyed to 2) in trust, for support of self and daughters.


1653 F94/11/58

Copy of the will of William Prosser of St. Martins in the Fields.
To the poor of St. Martins, £3 in bread within a month after his death.
To the poor of the parish of S. Margarets [St Margarets] where he was born, 20/- to be disposed of by his brother Esay Prosser and his nephew Thomas Prosser, in money or otherwise. [There is considerably more to this document not relating to Ewyas Lacy].


1653-4 F94/11/15-16

Feoffment, and Bond for the performance of covenants. 24 March 1653/4.


1)        Lewis Davis of Michaelchurch Escly [Michaelchurch Escley], yeoman and Mary his wife, one of the daughters of George Parry, decd., and Anne Rees of Michaelchurch Escly, widow, Mary's sister.

2)        Charles Pember of Bredwardine, yeoman, and Margaret his wife.


Consideration: £59

[The property referred to lies outside Ewyas Lacy]


1653-4 F94/11/100

[Thomas Smyth of Crasswall [Craswall] is a party to this document that relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy]


1649-1662 F94/11/60, 68-71, 75a, 76-82, 99 and 102

[Esay Prosser of St Margarets farmer, sometimes yeoman, sometimes tanner, is a party in all these documents which otherwise relate to property outside Ewyas Lacy].


1655 F94/11/220-221

Feoffment, Post-nuptial marriage settlement and Counterpart. 15th February 1655.


1)        Henry Griffith of Craswall, yeoman, and Katherine his wife, late wife of John Lewis of Craswall, yeoman, decd., and John Lewis her son.

2)        Thomas Gwillim of Ewyas Harrold, gent and Jenkine Myles of Craswall, yeoman.


The marriage already had between John Lewis and his new wife, daughter of John Jenkins of Llanveynoe.

Consideration: £180

Capital messuage in which Henry Griffiths lives and lands 160 acres in Craswall, lying in length between the highway leading from Longtown towards the mountain called Forrest Heane, and thence turning directly along the lane leading from the Highway down from the upperside of the said lane to the brook, called Monnowe [Monnow] and from thence along the side of the said brook next to the said lane to a place where an " Orlun Tree" grows or grew and from thence to a maple tree in the side of a hedge of a close called Erome Bance and thence, leading by a certain hedge leading to Cae Glasse on the one head, and the lane from Pantey Glysum to Treawern and the lands of Michaell Thomas, gent, on the other head. All in breadth between the lands of Michaell Thomas. The lands called Teere Mabe y Lloyd, and the lands called Teere Myle Hunt on the one side, and the lands of Thomas Watkin gent and a close called Cae Glasse on the other side. All now in the tenure of Henry Griffith as in the right of the said Katherine, one moiety having been lately in the occupation of John Lewis dec’d. and the other moiety in the occupation of Jennett Lewis dec’d., his mother.

Now: the moiety formerly in the occupation of John Lewis and those two meadows called Gworlod y Cawne Wayre and Gworld y Cockin (excepting the meadow called Gworloe Dan y Skybor Vauvre) to be to the use of John Lewis and Sibill his wife for their lives and then to the use of the heirs of their bodies. The other moiety and the meadow called Gworlod Dan y Skybor Vauvre to be to the use of Katharine for her life, then to the use of John Lewis then to the use of Sibill until such time and her issue male reach 21, and then to the use of such issue - in default of such to Sibill's use for her life and then to the right heirs of John Lewis.


1656 F94/11/222

Final Concord [no date]
Thomas Gwillim gent and Jenkin Mile, plaintiffs, Henry Griffith and Katherine his wife and John Lewis, deforcees.
One messuage, two barns, two gardens, 60 acres land, 40 acres meadow, 60 acres pasture, 10 acres wood, 30 acres furze and heath in Craswall. £160.


1661 F94/11/250

Quitclaim 30 October 1661

     1) Johan Jenings of Newton in Clodock, spinster.
     2) Thomas Jenings of Morehampton [Abbeydore], yeoman, her nephew.

All right etc. in parcel of land, meadow, i.e. close called Gwayen Goy Vagh 4 acres a meadow called Gworlod Gwayn Goy containing 2 days math of hay, one other close called Gwayne Goy Voya 6 acres and one barn or cottage lately erected upon the premises in Newton, lately purchased by Rowland Jenings the elder of Newton decd. from one Morgan Thomas Powell.
And all those two acres of land called Randyroth in Michaelchurch Esclye and two closes of pasture 19 acres in Peterchurch lately purchased by Rowland Jenings from Thomas Jenings his natural brother.
All that messuage and garden and three parcels arable adjoining 4 acres in Peterchurch and lately purchased by Rowland Jenings from one John Watkyns.



1662 F94/11/77-82

Marriage Settlement leases and releases 11 July 1662


1)        William Prosser of Snowdle, gent, and Alice his wife, John Prosser, his son & heir   Esay Prosser of Peterchurch, tanner, and Thomas Prosser of St. Margarets,  tanner.

2)        Thomas Carpenter of Chilston and Thomas Jennings of Newhouse, Clodock, tanner.

3)        Phillipp [?Phillipa] Carpenter, spinster, sister of Thomas Carpenter.

Consideration: The marriage to be had between John Prosser and Phillipp Carpenter and of £400, as her marriage portion and for providing Phillipp's marriage portion and making provision for Alice Prosser.
The first party grant to the second party, the manor of Snowdle, the Castle of Snowdle and messuages, [ all properties listed fall outside Ewyas Lacy but for detail see gc_nwt_2052]


1663 F94/11/186

John James of Llanvihangell Esly [Michaelchurch Escley], Heref., yeoman [referred to in this document which relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy]


C17th not dated F94/11/188

Inventory of the goods of Thomas Miles of Clodock.
Apprised by David Smith and Walter Marries [?Harries].


1666 F94/11/223

Marriage Settlement. 20th May 1666


1)        Katherine Phillipps, Crasswall [Craswall], spinster and Elenor, sister.

2)        Thomas Davies, Crasswall, Bachelor, and John Davies.


Recites: All as in assignment 17 May 1647.

Now: Consideration. Marriage of Katherine to John Myler of Crasswall, son James Myler, late husband of Joan Phillipps.

Now Lease for 1,000 years conveyed to 2) in trust for marriage.


1667 F94/11/84

Agreement and Confirmation. 2nd May 1667


1)        Bennett Hoskyns of Harewood

2)        William Prosser of St. Margarets, yeoman.


Bennett Hoskins had a judgement in Court of Common Pleas, Michaelmas Term, last against Thomas Jennings of Morehampton, yeoman for £170, and fifty shillings damage - William Prosser has bought of Thomas Jennings lands in Peterchurch. Now in consideration of £40, Hoskyns agrees that these properties shall remain to Prosser.


1670 F94/11/224

Will, Probate and Inventory. 9th May 1670
Thomas William Phillipp, Crasswall [Craswall].

To: Elinor, wife of Thomas Edward: Richard son of Jenkin Myles; Jenkin son of Jenkin Myles; Thomas son of Jenkin Myles; Mary daughter of Jenkin Myles – 20s each
To Godchildren 2s each viz. Thomas Symonds, Thomas son of David Price, Thomas son of David Phillipp Griffith, Thomas son of Eysen Prosser, Watkin son of Maund Phillips, Thomas son of Forster Mabi, Mary Jones, Sibil Rees, Phillipp Lewis, Sible Morris, Margaret Jones, Phillippa Lewis, Watkin son of Myle William Howell, Thomas son of William Howell.
To repair of the Chappell 5s; to funeral expenses £5
Execs: William Myles and John Myles.
Inventory: wearing aperell 10s; three coffers 5s; 1 bedstead 6s 8d.
Sums owing to deceased.
Now in hands of John Myles £23.
Total £24 1s 8d.


1674 F94/11/193

Probate Copy. 30th June 1674.
Will of George Jenkins of Llanvinoe [Llanveynoe], yeoman.


To the parish church of Clodock 3s 4d.
To be bestowed as Thomas Jenkins and Thomas Gwyllym see fit. 16s 8d to be distributed to the poor of Llanvince as Jenkins and Gwyllyn see fit, within 16 weeks after his death.

To Sara Lewis his grandchild all his goods, chattels and cattle whatsoever above his necessary charges and funeral expenses.
To Jenkins and Gwillim 20s each in consideration of their cure and pains in seeing that his will his proved and the necessary charges they require.
If Sara die before 21 without issue, then all his goods etc. to Jenkins and Gwillim to be equally divided.
Sara sole executrix.
Proved: At St. David's 24 September 1675. Inventory of the goods of George Jenkin taken 4 May 1675 attached to the will.


1678 F94/11/225a

Marriage settlement 11 February 1678 31 Chas II [1679].


1)        John Lewis of Craswall, yeoman and Margarett his wife and Sara Lewis of the same, spinster, sole daughter and heir of John by Sibell his late wife decd.

2)        Thomas Gwillim of Bulgh Trewin, Comyoy, gent, and John Watkins of Michaelchurch Escley, yeoman.

3)        John Griffith of Craswall, yeoman.


Consideration: A marriage between John Griffith and Sarah Lewis and £160 to John Lewis by Griffith.

Messuage with appurtenances where John Lewis lives in Craswall and all houses, outhouses, barne, stables, edifices, buildings, yards, stables, folds, backsides, gardens, orchards, lands, meadows, leasows, pastures, seedings, woods, underwoods, ways, waters, water courses, wastes, commons, rents, etc. appurtaining in Craswall and Clodock, known and " used by auntient Mearls and bounderyes" in tenure of John Lewis. To Gwillim and Watkins in trusts as follows:-

The Hall above the entry to the messuage, one chamber above the hall, the parlour adjoining the hall, two chambers over the parlour, one room in the Tyhunt adjoining the Hall, one room between the messuage called Ty yssa and lower garden, one chamber above the room, the great barne, one sheep cott, adjoining the fold on the south east of the dwelling house one garden called the Upp garden and a croft adjoining, meadow called Gwerlod y Cawn wair, parcel of land called Cee Lloyd, parcel of land and pasture called Fron bant, parcel of land arable and pasture called Cae ys Callog, one little crofte lately enclosed adjoining the last mentioned parcel, close called Croft y delin, two parcels called Ce Caled and Cae Llwyn, one other close called Cae Maine, parcel of pasture and woodland called the Werne, close called Cae Pelle Bach, parcel of arable called Cae Knarls, parcel of meadow called the Llywedraya, the moiety of the entry, bakehouse, and killnhouse with appurtenances with full ingress, egress and regress the above computed to be moiety of the premises granted " mearsing and abutting" to lands late of Thomas Watkins, decd., which he lately purchased of Phillip John Thomas on the west and certain lands in occupation of Thomas Price called Pane Pleision Clyn dreniog and Cae Coch on all sides. To the use of John Lewis for life and after his death to the use of John Griffith and Sarah for Sarah's life only, and after her death to the use of the heirs of John and Sarah and in default of such issue, to the heirs of Sara and in default of issue to the right heirs of John Lewis for ever. Room called Ty Hunt and two chambers over the room, two chambers called Ty yssa one chamber over them within said messuage, the little barn, one stable, two cotts, the fold on the west side of the house, the lower garden, one croft adjoining.... under the Great Barn, one parcel of pasture called Cae Quarrey lying on both sides of the Monnow, meadow called Gworlod Ponty Cochin, two parcels of land arable and pasture called.... of forest Loyd ycha and forest Loyd ysson, parcel of pasture called the Dolwyn Crowe Gnesther, close of arable called Cae Coydwror or Gworlody Keven, close called Cae Gwyn, parcel of land called Cascochwn a.... called the Pymp Laver and moiety of entry, bakehouse etc. with full ingress etc., meering and abbutting to lands late of Thomas Watkins called Teen Mab Lloyd and land leading from Forest pen to Longtown on the south, Gworlod y groes and a lane called Howle y K... [?Hewle y Keven] (mall) [?on all] parts and sides.

To the use of John Lewis and Sarah until the marriage then to the use of John Griffith and Sarah for their lives, and the survivor of them, then to the use of the heirs of John and Sarah and in default of such issue, to the use of the heirs of Sarah and in default of such issue to the use of the heirs of John Lewis for ever.


1678 F94/11/194-5

Lease and Release. 13th May 1678.


1)        Thomas Smyth of Dorstone, gent, and Elizabeth Smyth of Clifford, spinster.

2)        David Smyth of Craswall, gent.


Consideration: £310

Messuage or tenement in Clifford where Elizabeth now dwells, with lands in Clifford and Dorstone. To hold of chief lord in fee by usual rents and services.


1686 F94/11/225b

Probate only. 14th June 1686.

Will of John Griffiths of Crasswall [Craswall].


1687 F94/11/226

Marriage Settlement 27 April 1687

John Watkins, Michaelchurch [Escley].

Joseph Exton.



11 Feb. 1678

1) John Lewis Craswall, yeoman and Margaret, wife, and Sarah daughter.

2) Thomas Gwyllym, Comyoy and John Watkins

3) John Griffiths, Craswall, marriage of John Griffiths and Sarah & £160 portion paid by John Griffith. 1) to 2) moiety of messuage and lands of John Lewis in Craswall in trust.

Now: Other moiety of above property assigned to 2) in consideration of marriage of 2) and Elianor other daughter of 1).


1692 F94/11/196-7

Lease and Release 2nd June 1692.


1)        David Smyth, Craswall, Clodock, gent and Beatrice, wife and Lewis Smyth, son.

2)        Richard Smyth of Clifford (Lanvarny y Bryn) gent, one of younger sons of 1).


Consideration: £200

Messuage where 2) now dwells in Clifford with lands in Clifford and Dorstone.


1692 F94/11/198

Quitclaim. 14th June 1692

[David Smyth of Craswall, gent, and Lewis Smyth of Craswall, gent. are parties to this document which relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy].


1692 F94/11/199

Mortgage 2nd August 1692

[Lewis Smyth of Crasswall [Craswall], yeoman, brother of Richard is a party to this document which relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy].


1693-4 F94/11/200

Final Concord. [No date].


1)        Richard Smyth, George Watkins, John Higgins, and John Beavan, quer.

2)        David Smyth and Beatrice, wife. Phillip Vaughan and Joan, wife, and William Madye, gent, deforcees.


3 messuages, 3 gardens, 3 orchards, 130a. land, 60a. meadow, 600a. pasture, 24a. woodland, 60a. furze and heath in Clifford and Walterstow [?Walterstone].


1700 F94/11/120-1

Demise for 500 years (mortgage) 28th August 1700


1)        Philippa Prosser of Snowdle [Snodhill], widow and Thomas Prosser of the same, gent.

2)        William Sneade of Hereford, gent.


Consideration: £100

[Property within Ewyas Lacy comprises 2 acres of land in Michaelchurch Escly [Michaelchurch Escley], and every third year the leading and use of a watercourse running through a field adjoining a messuage called Penny Parke [Pen-y-park]: all formerly the lands of one Rowland Jenings the elder and Thomas Jenings.]

For 500 years at Peppercorn rent.

With Counterpart.


1701 F94/11/122-123

Marriage Settlement 31st January 1701

[The first parties are Thomas Prosser and other members of the Prosser family of Snowdle [Snodhill] and the second party is Mary Griffith of Craswall spinster. William Rogers of Craswall gent and Joseph Exton of Michaelchurch Escley gent. are the fourth parties.]


Consideration of the marriage to be had between Thomas Prosser and Mary Griffith she being seized in fee of all those two messuages in Craswall in Clodocke, one now in the tenure of William Exton and the other in the tenure of John Thomas. That in the tenure of William Exton has been sold to him, so that the sum of £445 has been raised for the discharging of debts now charged on the manor, messuages etc of the said Thomas Prosser. The other messuage in tenure of John Thomas has been conveyed by lease and release. The release by even date with the settlement. To the end that a competent jointure in lieu thereof may be settled upon Mary Griffith, and the lands settled in jointure be free of the charge of £300 formerly by John Prosser, father of Thomas settled as a provision for Robert Prosser and Ann Prosser and Francis Prosser since dec’d and that this may be charged on the land mentioned below.

Now: the first parties convey to the second parties. The manor of Snowdle, the Castle of Snowdle and messuages and lands -

[There then follows a considerable list of property in Dorstone.]

To hold for uses as follows:

Manor, Castle, capital mess. and lands to Prosser, wife and heirs.

Property in Dorstone and Peterchurch to Phillipp Prosser for life, then to Thomas, Mary and heirs

Property called the Rhidins in Peterchurch and Michaelchurch Eskley [Escley] to Thomas for four years or until death of Phillipp, then to Robert and Anne, subject to redemption on payment of £150 each to Robert and Anne.


1711 F94/11/227

Assignment. 20th April 1711


1)        Elinor Phillipps of Crasswall [Craswall], spinster.

2)        Thomas Miles of Crasswall, yeoman.


Recitation of lease of 10 Feb. 21 Eliz. [1579] by Richard Lingen late of Priors Court, esq., and Nicholas Havard, gent, to Philip Thomas John Pritchard, late of Crasswall, their messuage and lands in Craswall for 1,000 years. The premises have become vested in Elinor Phillipps.

Now - in consideration of the love she bears her kinsman Thomas Miles, and of £40.

Assignment of the premises for the remainder of the term.


1718 F94/11/228

Assignment. 29th September 1718


1)        Thomas Miles of Craswall, yeoman, and Mary his wife.

2)        William Harries of Craswall, yeoman.


Recitation of leases, 10 Feb. 20 Eliz. [1578; prior entry gives 1579] by Richard Lingen of Priors Court esq., and Nicholas Havard, gent, to Philip Thomas John Prichard, late of Craswall of messuage and lands in Crasswall in length between the lands then of Griffith Henry Lewis called Maes Gwin at one end, and a brook called Monnow at the other end, in breadth between another brook there called Leglee on the one side of the lands then of David Harry called Ywerne dee and the lands of Lewis Howell on the other side, and now more manifestly known by the mears and boundaries of the lands of Thomas Smith esq., now in the possession of William Rogers and John Kinnersley as his undertenants, called Kaye yr Parke Kae Gwin and Kaye yr Lendee on the west and rivers Monnow and Leglee on all other sides.

For 1,000 years at a rent of 46s 8d.

The premises came to Elinor verch Watkin of Craswall, widow, as administratrix, who, by assignment 20 March, 35 Eliz. [1593] assigned to William Philip, son of the said Philip Thomas John Prichard and Katherine his wife. The premises afterwards came to Thomas William and Watkin William, sons of the said William Philip.

Thomas William, by indenture 10 Jan. 16 Charles [1641] assigned to his brother Watkin William.

Watkin William married one Joan Phillipps who became possessed of the personal estate of her husband after his death, and assigned 17 May, 23 Charles [1647], to Watkin David John Davies and William Higgins in trust to the use of Joan for life and after her death to Katherine and Elinor her daughters.

By way of marriage settlement on the said Katherine and William Miles, by assignment 22 May, 18 Charles II [1666], assigned to Thomas Davies and John Davies in trust but to the use of Katherine and Elinor with William Miles. Thomas Miles (party) is the only child of William and Katherine, on their death one moiety of the premises descended to him. Elinor, by assignment 20 April, 10 Anne [1711], assigned her right in the other moiety to Thomas Miles.

Now: Thomas Miles and Mary, in consideration of £180 assign to William Harries the original lease and all right and claim, subject to proviso of redemption by payment of the principal and interest, 21 Sept. 1721, and interest in the meantime.


1719 F94/11/230

Copy Court Roll. 5th October 1719.
Manor of Ewyas Lacy.
Surrender, John Watkins to Thomas Delahay, gent, and Thomas Bullock of Preston Wynne to 6a. called Hennaytha in Michaelchurch Escley and Clodock.


1740 F94/11/205

Letters of Administration 7th October 1740.
For the goods of Thomas Miles late of Clodock, yeoman, deceased.
Granted to Mary Miles his widow by Nicholas, Bishop of St. Davids.


1742 F94/11/135-136

[Edmund Thomas, Michaelchurch Eskley [Michaelchurch Escley], Esq. is a party to this document which relates to property outside Ewyas Lacy].


1754 F94/11/231-232

Lease and Release, Deed of Partition, 26 Nov 1754.


     1) Elizabeth Watkins, Heref. spinster, Delahay Watkins, Heref. spinster, and Deborah Watkins, Heref., spinster, 3 daughters and coheirs of John, gent, dec’d.

     2) William. Ravenhill, Heref., mercer, and Samuel Exton of Michaelchurch Esckley, 


Recites: 1. 3 daughters have agreed to partition by which Elizabeth pays Delahay £78. 15s and Deborah £81. 5s as adjustment.

Now 1) to 2) in trust. Messuage where Thomas Lewis did lately inhabit now in possession of Thomas Phillips called the Old Hay, parish of Peterchurch also messuage called The Upper House in Michaelchurch Escley, also messuage called the Wern in Michaelchurch Escley where Thomas Prosser did lately and John Price or John Harper do now inhabit, also messuage called the Lower House, same parish now in occupation of Samuel Harris also the Little Mill, same parish now in possession of John Weech, also messuage near Escley Brook in possession of Francis Johnson, also messuage called the Shop in possession of William Forrest, also Tithe Barn all above in Michaelchurch Escley also The Little Meadow, 1a. in Newton, Clodock, Cae y Keven, 12a. in Michaelchurch Escley. Skeltour Green 12a. and Tidnors Horn 20a. in Hampton Bishop, Lugwardine, and Mordiford which on 7 Nov. 1748 were leased by Bishop of Hereford to Watkin sisters for 3 lives. Division among sisters specified.



1754-5 F94/11/247

Abstract of Title of property in Michaelchurch Escley 1754-1755 late the estate of Delahay Watkins " afterwards married to Mrs. [?Mr.] Boswicke" both dec'd.


1755 F94/11/233-234

Mortgage and Counterpart 21 January 28 1755.


1)        Delahay Watkins of Hereford, spinster, daughter and co-heir of John Watkins, late of Hereford, gent, decd.

2)        Thomas Taylor of Cannon Moore, Holmer, yeoman.


Consideration: £500.

Messuage where Abraham Price did, and John Harris does now live in Michaelchurch Escley, called Upper House: messuage where Thomas Prosser did and John Price or his tenant John Harper now lives called the Wern: messuage where Francis Johnson lives adjoining Escley Brook: messuage where William Forest called the shop: all outhouses, buildings, barns, stables, yards, folds, backsides, gardens, orchards, arable lands, meadows, leasows, pastures, seedings, rough grounds, wood and woodgrounds belonging to premises above belonging and all above in Michaelchurch Escley: Parcel of arable or pasture 12a. called Kae yr Keven in possession of John Price and all ways, waters and appurtenances in Michaelchurch Escley all formerly the estate of John Watkins and at his death descended (with other properties) to his daughters Elizabeth, Delahay and Deborah and the above properties were portion of Delahay in severalty.

To Thomas for 1,000 years.

Delahay has certain copyhold lands adjoining the above and in the manor of Ewyas Lacy for the life of Timothy, one of the brothers of Robert Ravenhill late of Hereford, mercer, decd.

Now further -

In consideration of £500 and to secure the payment of the sum with interest.

At the next Court Baron for Ewyas Lacy, Delahay is to surrender the copyhold premises to the use of Thomas.

Subject to redemption by payment of total sum of £522 10s on 21 Jan. 1756.


1755 F94/11/235-7

Lease and Release, Marriage Settlement and Counterpart. 22nd /23rd January 1755.


1)        Delahay Watkins, Heref. spinster.

2)        Robert Beswick, younger, St. Mary Port, Bristol, Haberdasher.

3)        William Griffin, St. Nicholas, Bristol, Linen Draper and Robert Beswick, the elder, Manchester, woollen draper.

4)        Arnold Russell, Heref. gent, & Michael Brampton, Heref. ironmonger.


Consideration: Marriage of 1) and 2) and mortgage of 21 Jan. £500 which money is to be transferred to 2) after marriage, since he has no real estate to be used for his trade.

Now. 1) to 3) The Upper House, The Wern, messuage beside Escley Brook, The Shop, Also Kae yr Keven 12a all in Michaelchurch Escley in trust for marriage.


1762 F94/11/229

Will of Thomas Miles of the " Crasswell" [Craswall], yeoman 16th January 1762.
All his messuages and lands in Crasswell to Elizabeth his wife for her life. These are now mortgaged as security for £200 and the testator is also indebted to other persons and he is desirous his debts should be paid. He therefore empowers his wife to charge by way of mortgage the above premises with a sum not exceeding £50. After his wife's death the premises are to go to his daughter Mary - if she dies under 21 and without lawful issue, he demises the premises to John the son of his brother David and to John and Richard, two sons of his brother Richard. His goods and chattels are to be equally divided between his wife and daughter. His wife sole executrix.
Probate 17 April 1762.


1773 F94/11/238

Assignment of Mortgage 23rd March 1773.


1)        William Parry of Hereford, gent and Thomas Iledge of Bullinghope, gent, residuary devisees and legatees and joint executors of Thomas Taylor.

2)        James Williams of Bettus Chinow, Radnor, Esq.


Reciting mortgage of 21 Jan. 1755 see above [F94/11/233-4]. The £522 10s. has not been paid.

By his will of 19 June 1771 Thomas Taylor bequeathed the residue of his real and personal estate to William Parry and Thomas Iledge.

William and Thomas have occasion for the £500 and James Williams has agreed to forward it to them.

Now: The consideration of £500 to William and Thomas. Assignment of mortgage to James.


1781 F94/11/239-240

Lease and Release 29th and 30th October 1781.


1)        Robert Beswicke of Hereford, Jeweller, Ann Beswicke and Delahaye Beswicke, spinsters, the three younger children of Robert Beswicke late of the same, mercer, by Delahay his wife, both dec’d.

2)        John Beswicke of the same, mercer, eldest son and heir of Roberte Delahaye.

3)        Joseph Guest of Hereford, gent.


Reciting indentures of 22 and 23 Jan. 1755, settlement on marriage of Delahay Watkins and Robert Beswicke between 1) Delahay Watkins 2) Robert Beswicke the younger of St. Mary Port, Bristol, haberdasher of small wares, since decd. 3) William Griffins of St. Michaels, Bristol, linen draper, and Robert Beswicke the elder of Manchester, Woollen Draper 4) Arnold Russell of Hereford, gent, and Michael Brompton of the same, ironmonger. Delahay conveyed properties see above to third parties in trust for use of Delahay until the marriage then to second parties for 99 years, to the use of the survivor of Delahay and Robert the younger and then to the use of their children as they shall direct by will for want of such direction to be divided equally amongst the children of Delahay and Robert as tenants in common.

The marriage took place without the properties being subject to direction, and there was issue of the marriage - John Beswicke, Robert Beswicke, Ann Beswicke and Delahay Beswicke.

John Beswicke has agreed to purchase the other children's shoes [?shares].


Consideration: £200 each to Robert, Ann and Delahay.

All properties as above released to John and Robert.

Ann and Delahay covenant to levy a fine. All copyhold premises also to be surrendered to John.


1782 F94/11/241

Fine. Hilary 22 George III 1782
Joseph Guest, gent, plaintiff.
John Beswick, Robert Beswick, Ann Beswick and Delahay Beswicke, Deforcees.
5 Messuages, 5 barns, 5 stables, 5 gardens, 5 orchards, 200a. land, 50a. meadow, 30a. wood 100a. furze heath and common of pasture for all manner of Cattle in Michaelchurch Escley.
Joseph has given John, Robert, Ann and Delahaye £320 sterling.


1782 F94/11/242-243

Mortgage, Lease & Release 5th and 6th June 1782.


1)        John Beswicke, Heref. mercer.

2)        William Symonds, esq.



The Upper House, the Wern, Messuage beside Escley Brook, the Shop, Kae yr Keven 12a all in Michaelchurch Escley, also copyhold of lands (not specified) in Manor of Ewyas Lacy (adjoining above)

Enclosed: Bond of 1) in £200


1790 F94/11/244

Assignment of Term 1st September 1790.


1)        James Williams, Llangasty Tallyn, co. Brecon., gent, and Thomas Beavan, Bettus Chrow, Co. Radnor, gent executors of James William, Bettus Chrow dec’d.

2)        John Brewster, Burton Court, esq., sole executor of Thomas Brewster, Hereford. dec’d.



1. Demise 21 Jan. 1755 Delahay Watkins to Thomas Taylor £500 lands at Michaelchurch Escley, 1,000 years.

2. Assignment of copyhold intermixed with above held trust by Delahay to Thomas Taylor.

3. 23 March 1773. Assignment of Term. William Parry and Thomas Illedge, executors of Thomas Taylor and James Williams, Bettus Chrow £500.

Now £516 full amount due.

Term above assigned to John Brewster.


1791 F94/11/245-246

Lease & Release. 1st and 2nd February 1791.


1)        John Brewster, Burton Court, esq., sole executor of Thomas Brewster, Heref., gent, dec’d.

2)        John Beswick, Chelsea, mercer, and Sarah, wife, and Ann Beswick, Hampton Bishop, spinster (John Delahay and Ann, three only children of Robert Beswick and Delahay Watkins, both dec’d.)

3)        Simon Exton, Peterchurch, Surgeon.

4)        William Bird, Heref., gent.



1. Assignment 1 Sep. 1790 James Williams and Thomas Beavan to John Brewster, lands in Michaelchurch Escley as described above also assignment 1 Sept. 1790, James Williams and Thomas Beavan to John Brewster, as above. [only one such Assignment appears to exist].

Now: 2. absolute purchase of property by Simon Exton for £1160 (of which £800 is borrowed from William Bird)

Now: 1. £500 to John Brewster by William Bird. Mortgage above assigned to William Bird 1,000 years including copyhold of which John Brewster quitclaims 2) also £300 to 2) by William Bird of £360 by Simon Exton 2) releases property to William Bird.

[This reads in a confused way but is in accordance with the Catalogue].


1811 F94/11/211

Lease for a Year. 25th September 1811

1)        Simon Exton, Peterchurch, esq..

2)        James Spencer, Hay, Brecon, gent.


Capital messuage and lands called the Firrs [Firs] in occupation of William Rowlands, also The Firrs Cottage [Firs Cottage], The Upper House, The Werns [Wern Farm], Rhwyddy Bach [Rhyd-ddu-bach now the Long Barn] all in Michaelchurch Escley. Also messuages called Crumcocket, Poutheury [Ponthendre], Clodock Mill in Longtown.


1812 F94/11/251

Mortgage 26 September 1812


      1) Simon Exton of Peterchurch, esq..
      2) James Spencer of Hay, Brecon, gent.


Reciting that Exton is indebted to Spencer in £3,450 because Exton is unable to repay the debt he has asked Spencer to accept property as a security.

Consideration: The £3,450 owing and 10/- to Exton capital messuage or farm with lands etc. called the Firs now in occupation of William Rowlands, messuage with lands etc. called Firs Cottage now in poss. of [?]   Dee: messuage, farm and lands called Upper House, in occupation of William Rowlands, messuage, farm and lands called the Wern in occupation of [?] Williams: messuage farm and lands called Rhyddy bach [Rhyd-ddu-bach now The Long Barn] in occupation of Williams: all messuage and lands in Michaelchurch Escley: messuage, farm and lands called Cwmcochet in tenure of Thomas Williams: messuage, farm and lands called Pontlenny [?Ponthendre] in occupation of James Ballard: messuage and water corn grist mill called Clodock Mill in occupation of James Ballard: last two mentioned properties in township of Longtown in Clodock.

To James Spencer.
Subject to redemption at rate of 5% p.a.


1833 F94/IV/25a

Letter. 11th October 1833
The Bounty Office.
To James Vaughan, Registrar's office, Hereford. Mr. Hodgson informs Mr. Vaughan that in 1808 a purchase was made for Turnastone Rectory of a house and land called Crasswell [Craswall] House, Crasswell in the parish of Clock [Clodock], for £600.
Notes on the letter about the tenancy and repairs of this property.
On dorse: Draft notes of sequestration - see below.


1834 F94/IV/25b

Order of Sequestration, directed by the Bishop of Hereford to John Fretwell of Poston Lodge, gent. 21st May 1834.
Sequestration, Turnastone, as a result of the continued unlicensed absence of the incumbent, the Rev. Richard Sandilands. [Rev R Sandesland/Sandiland held an interest in Grove Farm, Michaelchurch Escley in 1830’s].


1840 F94/IV/80

Bill (with receipt). 5th May 1840
Thomas Powell, Esq., in account with Mr. Cleave for the conveyance of the Upper House and the Wern in Michaelchurch Escley from Doctor Exton.


1907 F94/11/264

John George, Old Castle, Mon., purchased land in Clodock and James, son & heir of John died Feb. 10, 1907 leaving by will £6 annuity to Churchwardens of Crasswall [Craswall], Llanveynoe, Longton and Newton, to be paid at £2. 10s each out of Cole Brook estate in Longtown.




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