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Transcript: Extracts from the wills of members of the Delahay family

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Ewyas Lacy


1643, 1725, 1775


Extracts from wills and probatedocuments of the Delahay family, reproduced from public sources at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/HEF/ProbateRecords/WillsD.html


DELAHAY, Paul - of Urishay als Hay Urry[i/t/p of Peterchurch] Esquire, 27/30 Mar 1643.

Executors: cousin and trusty friendRoger VAUGHAN of ??Abdahomno co Brecon Esq,   John DELAHAY of Alterynis coHereford Esquire,   and William LEWIS of Hambrowne i/t/p of Peterchurch,yeoman.

Mentioned: my wife Margaret and my sonand heir Thomas DELAHAY;   my manors or Lordships of Urishay, of Trellershopeals Trenant and of Willbrook and a further manor called Clothey Hopkin[1];   mydaughters Mary (£200), Frances, Elizabeth, Elenor and Margaret (£100 each) sonsWalter, Paul and Thomas;   brothers William and Alexander DELAHAY. JamesPROBERT son of David occupying land in Peterchurch mortgaged by Testator GeorgePARRY of Michaelchurch [Escley];   son-in-law WILLIAMS;   Thomas LEWIS ofMichaelchurch [Escley];   widow SMITH;   Charles JENNINGS;   Joane MORRIS;  Philip LLOYD;   James HOPKINS.

Proved 2 Aug 1643 at Hereford.

Notes: [1] Probably all in or partly inPeterchurch.


DELAHAY, John - of Peterchurch Esq., 15May 1725.

wife;   son (??godson) Thomas DELAHAYof Wellbrook [in Peterchurch];   cousin Jonas [?Thomas] BERRINGTON;   my manorsof Urishay, Clothey Hopkins, Trilleshope and Wilbrook;   cousin Thomas DELAHAYof Willbrooke - Ostley Farm, Willbrook Farm and also a tenement called TheBrockwell in the occup'n of Mary WESTON and also the lands my aunt Mary DELAHAYbought from Lucas LEWIS and Ann LEWIS his wife;   my godson Thomas DELAHAY tohave Hinton Farm presently in the occup'n of Richard BALL) and some landsoccupied by Sylvanus LLOYD;   my sister Sarah DELLAHAY (sic);   a farm calledthe Old Hay (occupied by Thomas LEWIS);   my nephew John WATKINS,   cousin JohnDELAHAY (and his sister Hannah);   my aunt PRICE;   aunt Mary DELAHAY;  cousins Magdalen, Mary & John DELAHAY (at 21);   cousins Thomas, Paul andWilliam BERRINGTON;   cousin Paul WATKINS son of .... WATKINS.

The poor of Peterchurch and StMargarets.

Proved by Deborah DELAHAY als  AUBREYwife of Herbert AUBREY at Hereford, 1725.


DELAHAY, John - of Poston, Vowchurch,co Hereford, 27 Nov 1775.

"To be buried in the chancel ofPeterchurch in the grave of either my father or mother".

All my manors, castles etc inPeterchurch, Michaelchurch Escley and St Margarets to my friend William CopeGODFREY of Woolhope Esq for the behoof of my friend William Thomas FrancisBRYDGES, to permit my son John DELAHAY an annuity;   my daughter MagdalenDELAHAY - £1000;   my son thomas DELAHAY;   to Walter HARRIS the elder ofMichaelchurch [Escley], yeoman - £5/5/0d.

Proved 1 Nov 1788 by Thomas DELAHAY(the son) - HCC.



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