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Catalogue of the Records of the Lord Abergavenny’s Estates


Survey of the Earl of Abergavenney’s Herefordshire Estate in Ewyas Lacy Hundred

Place name:

Ewyas Lacy


No date [c1800]


Re pars. St. Margaret [St Margarets], Michaelchurch Eskley [Escley], Walterstone; townships of Newton, Longtown, Crasswell [Craswall] and Lanveyno [Llanveynoe] in par. Clodock; hamlet of the Futhog [Fwthog]. Names of tenants and size of holdings given.

With maps of the following:
Upper Maescoed, pars. St Margaret and Michael Church; Lower Maescoed, township of Newton; lands in townships of Newton and Longtown; lands in par Michaelchurch (3 maps); lands in pars. Crasswell and Michaelchurch (2 maps); lands in par. St. Margaret and Michaelchurch; lands in pars. Walterstone and St. Margaret; lands in townships of Crasswell and Lanveyno; land in township of Lanveyno; lands in townships of Longtown and Lanveyno; lands in township of Longtown; lands in Futhog hamlet (map missing); lands at Forest hen, township of Crasswell; lands in par. Michaelchurch and in township Crasswell.


Gwent Record Office have another copy of this document under ref D.1583.187.

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