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Plea Rolls for Staffordshire 19 Edward I: Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 6 part 1, 1885, Pages: 200-204


Summons of Theobald de Verdun to answer for harbouring tenants who had expelled the Sheriff of Hereford from Ewyas Lacy

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Ewyas Lacy




Coram Rege Roll, Michaelmas 19–20, E. I.


  Wallia., Hereford. A long and interesting suit, in which Theobald de Verdun appeared by summons before the King and Council for concealing and harbouring Philip Vaughan and others, tenants of Theobald's lands of Ewyas Lacy, who had driven the Sheriff of Hereford from the land by force when he was serving the King's writs, and against whom writs had been issued. But a jury summoned before the Justices Itinerant, Michaelmas, 20 E. I., stated that Philip Vaughan was dead, and that Theobald was not guilty of the contempt laid to his charge. m. 51, dorso.


Theobald de Verdun was Lord of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy from 1278 to 1309 – see reference


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