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Catalogue of the Records of the Lord Abergavenny’s Estates


Sale of Herefordshire Estate

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Ewyas Lacy




Sale of Herefordshire Estate 22/23 Jan 1920


D1583.177.1 Volume of Information Sheets re Lots for Sale (No 1)
Contains also Correspondence, April-Dec 1919; Index to Lots, Parishes and Lifeholds; Summary of Rack Rents; Newspaper cutting re results of sale.

D1583.177.2 Rental
Marquess of Abergavenny’s lands in Herefordshire, with names of tenants, properties, amount of land and annual rent etc. (Crasswall [Craswall], Ewias Harold, Llanveynoe, Longtown, Michaelchurch Escley, Newton, St Margaret’s, Walterstone).

D1583.177.3 Particulars of Herefordshire Sale
Names of purchasers, addresses, purchase money, etc.

D1583.177.4 Volume of Sale Particulars
First Edition. Re sale by auction at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, Jan 22/23 1920 of an area of 2,670 acres, including farms, smallholdings, sites of castles of Longtown and Ewyas Harold. “The Poplars” (Ewyas Harold) and “The Nevill Arms” (Ewyas Harold). Details re 166 lots.

D1583.177.5 General Conditions of Sale.
Re the above sale.

D1583.177.6 & 7 List of Purchasers (two copies).
With lot numbers and addresses.

D1583.177.8 List of Reserve Prices by Lot.
Herefordshire Estate

Monmouthshire Estate

D1583.177.10 & 11 Plan No1 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 1040.

D1583.177.12 & 13 Plan No 2 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 41-46.

D1583.177.14 & 15 Plan No 3 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 47-69.

D1583.177.16 & 17 Plan No 4 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 70-71.

D1583.177.18 & 19 Plan No 5 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 72-97.

D1583.177.20 & 21 Plan No 6 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 98-100.

D1583.177.22 & 23 Plan No 7 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 101-128.

D1583.177.24 & 25 Plan No 8 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 129-135.

D1583.177.26 & 27 Plan No 9 Herefordshire Estate
Lots 136-150.

D1583.177.30 & 31 Correspondence re Rockyfold Farm

D1583.177.32 Chichester Diocesan Leaflet Dec 1947


More information is available elsewhere on the website: see gc_ewy_3001 introduction; gc_ewy_3002 Images of sale particulars; nw_ewy_1203 Information on purchasers and prices


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