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Press Cutting: Sale of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy by order of the High Court of Chancery

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Ewyas Lacy




Notice of Sale of the Manor of EwyasLacy dated April 8th 1773, pursuant to a decree of the High Court ofChancery relating to the estate of John Jeffreys, Esq., deceased.




John Jeffreys seems to have died circa1760 according to other reports.


This advertisement suggests that somekind of dispute may have arisen over his estate. The following is an extractfrom tg_llv_0037 relating to a document dated 1791 about a property in Olchon:


“The property had been lately purchasedby Philip Price from Walter Jeffreys Esq. and was previously part of the Estateof John Jeffreys Esq., late Lord of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy and lately boughtby Walter Jeffries as Heir at Law of John under a Decree of the High Court ofChancery.”


The involvement of the High Court ofChancery may imply that John Jeffreys either died intestate [in itself somewhatstrange for such a well-to-do man – an accident perhaps?], or that there wassome dispute over the inheritance and/or payment of debts requiring the estateto be administered by the Chancery Court before Walter proved his title.

The suggestion in the 1791 documentthat Walter as heir at law had to buy the estate might also imply that debtorsor others had claims on John Jeffreys’ estate at the time of his death.


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