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Petition to the King from James Davies

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Ewyas Lacy




A Petition from James Davies describing how he accidentally let off a gun which grazed the knee of a Bailiff sent to arrest him and for which he was sentenced to death; that by his good character and recommendation of several respectable Gentlemen of the county the judge thought him a “proper object of mercy” and ordered a reprieve until the King’s pleasure was known.


The petitioner argued he had an 80 year old mother and two sisters, his age of 25years and good character, free of any crime until this “unfortunate accident”. He implores the King for mercy and promises to atone for his breach of the law.


Attached to the Petition is a list of some 60 names mainly from Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Hereford giving character support.


A copy of the Petition is shown in two halves below.






The outcome of the pleading is not as yet known.

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Ref: tg_ewy_0030