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Patent Rolls 14th Century

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15 November 1364. Inspeximus and confirmation of an indenture (in French) made between the king’s daughter Isabel and Philippa late the wife of Roger de Mortuo Mari [Mortimer], earl of March, dated on [sic] Westminster on Monday the feast of S. Jerome, the morrow of Michaelmas, 38 Edward III, witnessing that Isabel leased to Philippa and her assigns the keeping during the nonage of Edmund, the earl’s son and heir, of the castle, town, land, manors and lordships of Wyggemor, Leynthal Eorles, Leynthale Starkere, Leyntwardyn, Kyngeslan, Penebrugge, Malneshull Lacy, Nethewode, Clifton, Fynemere, Inteberewe, Cherlton, Tettebury, Chiriton, and Hamptenet, and £10 to be taken yearly by the hands of the sheriffs of Stafford and Salop, with the castle, town, land, manor and lordship of Radenore, the commotes, lands and lordships of Warthreignon, Commotoidour, Ewyas Lacy, the town of Raidre, the castles, manors and lordships of Knokelas, Norton and Prestheind and £10.13s.4d. which Philippa owes for the excess of her dower of Knython, which Isabel had of the king’s grant, rendering therefore yearly at Isabel’s receipt at Westminster 1,000 marks, to wit for the first year 500 marks one month after the  Easter following the making of these presents and 500 marks a month after Michaelmas then next, and thenceforward at the quinzaines of Hilary, Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas by equal portions, doing the services due to the chief lords and supporting the charges due in the lifetime of the earl; and that Philippa granted that if the annual payment be ever six weeks in arrear she shall be bound to pay double the sum due. If Philippa be charged by law to pay the 100 marks contained in the king’s letters patent to the lady Isabel for the sustenance of the said Edmund yearly, or any other charge thereof made by the king or the lady Isabel since the earl’s death, and Isabel or her council being warned by Philippa and her council do not discharge the same, it shall be allowed at the next term of payment. She shall not be liable for waste done in the premises in the time of the said lady Isabel, and if the ministers of Isabel have taken any of the issues of the said lands since the date of these presents the same shall be delivered to the ministers of Philippa or allowed to her in her first payment.

[Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward III (1364-1367, p37-8)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 3, p189-190

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