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Patent Rolls 1451-1500

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Ewyas Lacy




5 February 1460. Grant for life to the King’s knight, William Herbert, of the offices of …steward of the lordships of…Evies Lasy [Ewyas Lacy]…etc.

[Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI (1452-1461, p549)]

4 March 1460. Power during pleasure to William Herbert, knight, and John Mylewater, esquire, to appoint all officers in the lordships of Usk and Carlyon with their members, Ewyas Lacy and Dynas, in the king’s hands by the forfeiture of Richard, duke of York […] except to the offices of constables of castles and master-foresters.

[Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI (1452-1461, p574-5)]

22 March 1460. Grant for life to Henry ap Griffith of the office of steward of the lordship of Ewyas Lacy in Wales, forfeit by the rebellion of Richard, Duke of York, and Richard, earl of Warwick, with the usual fees and profits.

[Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry VI (1452-1461, p554)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 5, p17, 18, 19

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