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Mortgage Indenture for Mairissis [now Trefecca]

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Ewyas Lacy




Indenture [mortgage] dated 14th March 1860 between James Griffiths of Michaelchurch Escley (shoemaker) and John Probert of Turnastone (farmer). James Griffiths inherited, c. 1860, the ‘messuage or tenement of pieces or parcels of land and hereditaments’ constituting 3 acres at Upper Maescoed, 12 acres and 8 perches in Middle Maescoed and a further 5 acres 1 rood and 8 perches in Middle Maescoed, all in the parish of St Margarets. This land and buildings were ‘formerly in the occupation of Thomas Seaborne, after in the possession of Robert Howard and now in the occupation of James Griffiths.’ James Griffiths borrowed £200 from John Probert, a farmer in Turnastone, at 4% pa interest, under the 1860 indenture, as a mortgage with the land as security for the loan.

John Probert senior died intestate on 24 June 1862, leaving his widow Selina Probert to act as executrix of his estate, and his eldest son John Probert (junior) to inherit as the ‘heir at law’. This inheritance included the continuing interest payments on the mortgage with James Griffiths and the associated legal charge on the lands at Upper and Middle Maescoed.



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