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Inquisitions Henry III to Edward I

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Commission to Giles de Berkelegh, Grimbald Pauncefot, and Master Henry de Bray. Westminster 17 January (1278)

Inquisition before the said Giles and Master Henry de Bray. Thursday after S Gregory, 17 March 1278. At the Purification last year (2 February 1277) came William Gethin, then constable of Dynas, Trahern ab Kadugan and others (named) servants of Sir Reynold son of Peter, by his precept came to the manor of the prior and convent of Llanthony prima, of Olrewas, within the land and liberty of Ewyas Lascy, which is not of the tenure of the said Reynold, and took two oxen and seven cows, and drove them to his castle of Dynas, and still detain them there.

Similar seizures of cattle were made at All Saints (1 November 1277) and S Hilary (13 January 1278), and on the last occasion a canon was thrown off his horse and the horse was taken to Dynas Castle. The reason of these seizures was that a woman, by name of Agnes Aubrey of Brech’, demanded of the prior 25 sacks of wool, and when he did not acknowledge the debt, came to Sir Reynold and offered him a third of the wool provided that he would distrain for the whole. The servants of Sir Reynold took in the said manor Philip Mon, keeper of the prior’s stud, and conveyed him to the castle of Bleynlevene, and imprisoned him there three days, because he demanded replevin of the prior’s beasts.  The jurors have no seals, and have not been wont to put their seals to inquisitions, but only the seals of their bailiffs; therefore the constables of Bergevene, Grossmont and Ewyas Lascy [Ewyas Lacy], have put their seals to this inquisition on behalf of the jurors of their respective lands at their request.

[Inquisitions Miscellaneous, 6 Edward I (1127)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 9, p128-129

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