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Inquisitions Henry III to Edward I

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Ewyas Lacy




John de Verdun

Writ,17 October 1274.

Inq, Thursday after S Leonard, 8 November 1274.  Webbele (extent give). Ewyas Lascy [Ewyas Lacy]. A moiety (extent given).  Both held, with a moiety of Lodeloure, for half a barony doing service of 7½ knights. He died on Sunday after S Luke, in the said year. Sir Theobald de Verdun (his son), aged 26, is his heir.

Salop. Inq, S Martin’s day, 11 November 1274. Lodelawe. 23 acres of land, £10.10s. rent of assize, £13 from a mill and £8 from pleas etc and a fair; 1½ knight’s fees held by Stephen de Buterleg’,  ½ fee held by Philip de Clinton, ½ fee held by Roger de Burchull, and ½ fee held by the preceptor of Lidleg’. Lodelawe is a member of Webbele and held of the king by service of 7½ knights for the whole barony of Webbele and Ewyas.  Heir as above.

[Inquisitions Post Mortem, 2 Edward I (II, p78)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 9, p44-45

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