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Inquisitions Edward III

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Ewyas Lacy




Bartholomew de Bergherssh, or Burwassh, knight.

Writ, 20 April 1369.

Inq, (indented) taken at Ewyas Lacy, 10 May 1369. Ewyas Lacy. The castle with the appurtenances (extent given), held jointly with Margaret his wife, who survives, by reason of a gift thereof made by him with the king’s licence to Walter Pavely, John de Guldesburgh, Thomas de Hungerford, and William de Wyndesore, clerk, who afterwards granted it to him and Margaret his wife and his heirs. The castle is held of the king in chief by knight’s service. The extent includes 3 watermills whereof a moiety belongs to the castle, a moiety of a fair on All Saint’s day, a market every week on Thursday, a court and a halmote held every three weeks, a moiety of a hundred-court held every two weeks, a custom called ‘Culle’ from the bondmen, and a custom called ‘Couwayn’. He held no other lands etc in the said county or march.

He died on 5 April last (1369). Elizabeth daughter of the said Bartholomew and Cecily his wife, and wife of Edward le Spencer, aged 24 years and more, is his heir.

[Inquisitions Post Mortem, 43 Edward III (XII, p322)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 11, p124-125

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