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Inquisitions Edward III

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Ewyas Lacy




Theobald de Verdon. Petitions, memoranda and writs, including:-

Memorandum by the said Henry (de Ferreres) and Isabel (his wife, under age, daughter of the said Theobald) to the king’s chancellor, showing that…the castle of Ewaslacy [Ewyas Lacy] in Wales…assigned to Bartholomew de Borewash and Elizabeth his wife, and the castle of Webbelle, co Hereford, …assigned to William le Blunt and Margaret his wife, were valued below their true worth;…

Extent of summary of the above lands, etc, made at the suit of Henry de Ferariis, etc.

Partition of the inheritance of the said Theobald among his heirs, showing the pourparty of each.

Writ of scire facias 23 March 1331 to the sheriff of Hereford, on the petition of the said Henry and Isabel, who has now proved her age, to warn Thomas de Furnyvall and Joan his wife, elder daughter and an heir of Theobald de Verdon, Batholomew de Burghersse and Elizabeth his wife, another of the daughters and heirs, and William le Blount and Margery [sic] his wife, a third daughter and heir of the said Theobald, to be in the king’s chancery in three weeks of Easter next, to show cause why the lands of the said Theobald which they hold in the pourparties of the said Joan, Elizabeth and Margery, should not be resumed into the king’s hands, extended, and parted anew.

Commission 8 July 1331 to Thomas de Glaston and others to extend all the castles, manors, etc of the said Theobald, excepting those assigned in dower to Elizabeth late the wife of the said Theobald.

Endorsed:- The commissioners have extended all the lands etc which belonged to Theobald de Verdon in co Stafford…and as to the residue in co Hereford…and the Marches of Wales, nothing is done at present because the sheriffs of the said counties have not returned the panels. And afterwards William Trussel, the escheator, was commanded to extend the castles, manors, and lands etc of the said Theobald…so that the king should have the extents in his chancery on the morrow of S Hilary next (14 January 1332), when the heirs and partners of the said inheritance are to receive their pourparties. […]

[Inquisitions Post Mortem, 5 Edward III (VII, p389)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 11, p13-15

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