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Inquisitions Edward II

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Ewyas Lacy




Theobald de Verdon, alias de Verdun.

Writ, 30 July 10 1316.

Extent, Tuesday the feast of All Souls, 2 November 1316. Webbeleye. The castle and manor (extent given) held of the king in chief by service of 2½ knights’ fees.  His daughters, Joan aged 13, Elizabeth 10, and Margery 5 years, are his next heirs.

Marches of Wales (Hereford)

Extent, Friday the morrow of SS Simon and Jude, 29 October 1316. Ewyas Lacy. The castle and a moiety of the manor (extent given). held of the king in chief, service unknown. There are no advowsons of churches, and the jury know not of any knights’ fees. Heirs as above, ages unknown. […]


Kusop [Cusop]. A knight’s fee pertaining to the castle of Ewyas. […]

Rouleston [Rowlestone]. ½ knight’s fee pertaining to the same. […]

Partition of two parts of the said lands into four parts, viz – between Joan, whom Thomas de Furnivall, the younger, has married, Elizabeth, and Margery, daughters of the said Theobald by his first wife, and … his daughter by Elizabeth, late the wife of John de Burgo, and sister of Gilbert de Clare, late earl of Gloucester and Hertford, his second wife, made at the suit of the said Thomas and Joan after the proof of age of the said Joan, viz - …

The castle and manor of Webbele, excepting £9 rent from free tenants.

The castle and manor of Ewyas Lacy, excepting £10.9s rent…

And the said £9 rent from Webbele, and £10.9s rent from Ewyas Lacy.

[Inquisitions Post Mortem, 10 Edward II (VI, p54)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 10, p36-39

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