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Extract from Monasticon Anglicanum - Images of entries relating to Llanthony Priory [Lantonia Prima]

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Ewyas Lacy


1108 – 1530s



Images of extracts from the Monasticon Anglicanum: A History of the Abbies and Other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, with Their Dependencies, in England and Wales ... Originally Published in Latin, Volume 7  (Google eBook - William Dugdale, John Caley, Sir Henry Ellis, Bulkeley Bandinel; 1846).

The extracts relate to Llanthony Priory in the Vale of Ewyas [Llanthony Prima, Lantonia Prima], an Augustinian priory founded by Hugh de Lacy circa 1108. They describe a brief history of the Priory, its relationship to Llantony Secundus a sister house subsequently founded in Gloucester, some of the priors’ names and dates of office, and a valuation of the Priory’s assets prepared for Henry VIII’s Court of Augmentations around the time of the dissolution of the monasteries in the 1500s. The valuation identifies a number of named properties in Ewyas Lacy including Oldecastell [Oldcastle]; Oldecourte [Oldcourt]; Trewern; Trelandon; Fossecombe; Burybarne. Priors’ names include Ernisius [first Prior]; Walter; Thomas de Gloucester; William Cromp; William Ambrose [last Prior].

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