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Digital Images Collection [INDEX]: Photographs of Local and Trade Directories of Herefordshire

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Ewyas Lacy




This collection of Local and Trade Directories consists of a complete set of photographs of entries for all the individual parishes and townships in Ewyas Lacy in each listed Directory. The text in these images is not searchable. Separate entries extracted for individual parishes are available elsewhere on the website and accessible through the search engine.


Directory entries are not always completely accurate, but provide a useful overall view of parish history, the local economy and prominent people including the main landowners and the Lord of the Manor. Local farmers, gentry and tradesmen are generally named, along with the names of their farms, houses or premises. Land area, landscape features, population count, rateable value, main crops and other details of the parish are normally given. There is also usually a description of the history and architecture of the church and the name of the incumbent vicar, together with details of the local school, post office and other facilities, although the level of detail provided is variable.


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