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Digital Archive: INDEX to Newspaper cuttings relating to Ewyas Lacy from the Welsh Newspapers Online database of the National Library of Wales

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Ewyas Lacy


1812 - 1919


The National Library of Wales has digitised a wide range of Welsh local newspapers and made the contents available in a searchable online database.


The Ewyas Lacy Study Group has searched that archive by parish/ township name to extract references relevant to our area, and for ease of access we have made available images of the entries we have found as ‘newspaper cuttings’. These images are NOT searchable on our website, but we have created text summaries which CAN be searched – for example to find names of places and people mentioned in the extracts.


For ease of browsing, all the newspaper cuttings we have found are shown in an INDEX . The link provided opens a pre-defined search page from which individual entries can easily be opened for review. For more specific research, all the entry summaries are also accessible via the site search engine in the normal way if they contain whatever terms such as place, date or family name are used.


The above ELSG extracts from the National Library of Wales database have been made by a simple search using township or parish names as the search term. There may well be additional relevant information to be found in the database regarding specific events, people or properties, and in such cases it may be worthwhile for researchers to interrogate the Welsh Newspapers Online database directly.

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