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Close Rolls 15th Century

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Ewyas Lacy




8 September 1403. Strict order, in consideration of the mischief and peril which might happen to the king and realm and to the lieges of Wales by careless guarding of castles in those parts, especially during the present rebellion of Owen Glendourdy and others there, under pain of loss and forfeiture of his castle and of the lordships, manors, lands and possessions thereto pertaining, to take such order for the furnishing and safe guard of the said castle with fencible men, victuals, armour, artillery and all other things needful for the purpose, that no damage or peril shall arise by his default or negligence or by careless guard thereof.

(The list includes);-

William Beauchamp knight, the castles of Bergeveny and Haralde Ewyas,

Nicholas Mongomery knight, Erdesley castle.

Constance dame Despenser, the castles of Carfilly and Ewyas Lacy.

Anne dame Stafforde, Huntyngdoun castle.

Walter Fitz Wauter knight, the castles of Lynhales and Dorston.

John Bryan baron of Burforde, Stepulton castle.

Brian de Brampton, Brampton castle

John Chandos knight, Snowdoun (=Snodhill) castle.

[Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV (1402-1405, p111)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 15, p11-12

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