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Ewyas Lacy


No date


[No date, but included among undated deeds mainly of the 13th century]. Feoffment by Adam son of Walter to Thomas son of Roger, smith (fabri), of 4½ acres of land, Welsh measure (de Wallican’ mensura), in the fee of Sir Roger de Mortimer (Mortuo Mari) and Dame Joan de Genevyle, in the tenure of Ewias Lacy [Ewyas Lacy], between land of the said Sir Roger, Philip Vauhan, Kedivor ab Cradoc, the late Robert Wroth and the said Adam, reaching to the water called ‘Holizham’; rent, to the chief lords, what belongs to so much free land in that fee.

Witnesses: William ap Philip, Richard Wroth, William ab Grifit and others (named). Seal with legend, S Ade. fil. Walter.

Endorsed: Holzham.

[Catalogue of Ancient Deeds (Vol V, A.12049)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 6, p201

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