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Patent Rolls 14th Century

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Ewyas Lacy, Walterstone




8 July 1324. Commission of oyer and terminer to John de Stonore, John de Bek, William Aylemere, John le Botiller of Lanultyt and Res ap Griffith, on petition by the people of Ewyas that Richard Wroth and Alice his daughter, John Wroth and others killed Philip ap David, Yevan ap Kenewr(eyk) Wren and William ap David at Ewyas, despoiled Walter Benet of his goods, broke the house of John de Wynston at Red Castle, and carried away his goods, fished in the king’s stanks and stews at Walterston [Walterstone] and carried away fish; and that the said Richard, Alice and John drove away a mare and 28 cows at Breghennok, received and maintained thieves and felons in the parts of Ewyas, and adhere to Roger de Mortuo Mari [Mortimer], ‘le neveu’, the king’s enemy and rebel, and afforded him aid and counsel in many ways.  The jurors are to be of the lands of Breghennok, Elvayl and Grosmound, adjoining the land of Ewyas, and of the land of Ewyas; and the king has commanded the keeper of the land of Ewyas, Robert Clement, keeper of the land of Breghennok, William la Zousch, lord of Elvayl, and Henry de Lancastre, the king’s kinsman, lord of Grosmound, are to provide the jury.

[Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward II (1324-1327, p64)]


In typescript records of ancient documents relating to Herefordshire; Vol 3, p55

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