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Plea Rolls for Staffordshire: 9 Edward III: Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 11 (1890), pp. 56-65


Grant of the Castle of Ewyas Lacy, the manor of Walterston and the advowson of the Priory of Lanton Prime [Llanthony Prima] and Cressewelle

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Ewyas Lacy, Walterstone, Craswall, Llanthony




Extract from the Plea Rolls for Staffordshire, 9 Edward III


De Banco. Trinity, 9 E. III. Apud Ebor.


Hereford. Staff. Henry de Burghersh, Bishop of Lincoln, appeared by attorney in a plea that he should carry out a covenant made with Bartholomew de Burghersshe and Elizabeth, his wife, respecting the Castle of Ewyas Lacy and the manor of Walterston, and the advowson of the Priory of Lanton Prime and Cressewalle in co. Hereford, and sixteen messuages, 300 acres of land, sixteen acres of meadow, and £11 6s 4¼d of rent in Bukenhale and Fenton. And the parties now appeared, and a fine was levied by which the said Bishop, after being enfeoffed of the said manor and advowson, granted them to the said Bartholomew and Elizabeth, and their issue, and if they should die s.p., then to remain to the right heirs of Elizabeth, to be held of the King and his heirs for ever, and the said messuages, rents, etc., were granted to the said Bartholomew and Elizabeth for life, with remainder to Thomas, son of the said Bartholomew and Elizabeth, and his issue, and if he should die s.p., to remain to the right heirs of the said Elizabeth. (footnote 4) m. 184.


Footnote 4:    Elizabeth was one of the daughters and co-heirs of Theobald de Verdun, and the estate above named was part of her inheritance. Upon a further partition of the lands of Theobald made in 18 E. III. she obtained in addition the manor of Crakemersh, in co. Stafford. Dugdale's " Baronage."




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