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Wills and Probate: Image of transcription of the Will of Nicholas Gilbarde [Nicholas Gilbert] of Oldcastle

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Ewyas Lacy, Michaelchurch Escley, Clodock, Llancillo




Photographs of a transcription of thewill of Nicholas Gilbarde [Nicholas Gilbert] of the parish of Oldcastle dated28th February 1523, whose first wife was Joan Pye [Johan Appye] andlast wife Wenllyan Scudamore [Gwenllyan Scudamore].

Probate was granted at the PrerogativeCourt of Canterbury.

Beneficiaries include sons RichardNicholas Gilbert, Thomas Nicholas Gilbert, John Nicholas Gilbert, DavidNicholas Gilbert, Symond Nicholas Gilbert [Simon Nicholas Gilbert], JamesNicholas Gilbert, William Gilbert, Gilbarde Gilbert [Gilbert Gilbert] anddaughters Johan Gilbert, Johan Ellinor Gilbert and Gwenlyan Gilbert [GwenllyanGilbert]


Reference is made to substantialproperty and land holdings in various parts of Ewyas Lacy as follows:

- tenements in Michaelchurch Escleyincluding the lands of Richard d’d  hoel  hen [?Richard David Howell hene], thelands of Jen’n d’d hoel hene [?Jenkyn David Howell hene], the lands of howellap jen’n [?Howell ap Jenkyn], Tere Gworneytha [? Tere Gwern Ucha], Tere Neathe,the lands of Gl’m John ap Meredith [?Gwilliam John ap Meredith], lands late inthe hands of Thomas d’d  Marron [?Thomas David Marron], lands of Morgan JohnPhilip Egh’m [?Morgan John Philip Egham]

- tenements in Llancillo called Tere yBarth and Tere yr hill

- tenements in Clodock called TereGaralde ap Henry, Retheredge [?Rytherich], the lands of Richard ap John apGerrald, Gl’m ap Gl’m [?Gwilliam ap Gwilliam], lands of Madock ap PhilipJenkyn, lands of Thomas ap John ap Thomas, Brasnoll [Brass Knoll], lands ofPhilip Scudamore







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