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Earthwork Castles of Gwent and Ergyng AD 1050-1250: Index to website extracts

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Ewyas Lacy, Golden Valley


1050 - 1250


This index page lists descriptions of castles and earthworks in Ewyas Lacy and the Golden Valley extracted from a Doctoral thesis by Dr N Phillips, University of Sheffield (2005), entitled ‘Earthwork Castles of Gwent and Ergyng, AD 1050-1250’ . The thesis is concerned with the earthwork and timber castles built in the southern March of Wales, addresses the presence of the castles and discusses their roles as weapons of conquest and structures of administrative control.

The relevant site descriptions can be found by following the links below.


Bacton Earthwork

Cusop Castle

Dorstone Castle

Ewyas Harold Castle

Llancillo Motte

Longtown Castle

Mouse Castle

Mynydd Brith Motte

Nant-y-Bar Earthwork

Pont Hendre Castle

Poston Castle

Rowlestone Motte

Sliver Tump [Craswall]

Snodhill Castle

St Margarets Earthwork

Urishay Castle

Walterstone Castle

Whitehouse Camp


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