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D.1583.2.117 - 119


Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Lease for lives

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1731 -1798


D.1583.2.117,118   Lease for lives with counterpart, June 24, 1731

(1) Rt Hon William, Lord of Abergavenny

(2) David Gwyn of par Comyoye, co Heref, labourer

A house, garden, orchards and 4 acres of land, par Comyoye, and late in the possession of John Gwyn, father of (2), deceased

For lives of (2) aged 37 years, Elizabeth his wife aged 36 years and David their son, aged 2 years.

Rent £2/11/- (as a fine) and 1/- pa with 5/- as a heriot and with suit of court.

Witnesses: John Day, jr, Robert Matthew and John Gilbert

Endorsed: Memo re livery of seisin to (2) by Job Gilbert. Witnesses Jacob Watkins, John Gwyn and Nicholas Gwyn.


Includes a note (3 Jan 1798) to Mr Kinsey of Abergavenny from W Marsh re a leasehold cottage of David Watkins, formerly Elizabeth Gwin’s with 4 acres, in Foothog hamlet, par Cwmyoy.  Contains brief assessment of the above premises.


A Monmouthshire property included in the catalogue of Lord Abergavenny’s holdings in the Manor of Ewyas Lacy.

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Ref: nw_cwm_1004