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The Mansions of Herefordshire and their Memories: CJ Robinson

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Charles John Robinson MA was Vicar of Norton Canon in Herefordshire, and his book was published by Longmans & Co. of London in 1872. It includes comments on the parishes and prominent families of the county. The following entry is for Cusop:


“Cusop. Here again the reader must be referred to the Castles of Herefordshire (pp. 40-41), for a particular account of the descent of the manor. We need only recapitulate that, as far as we know, its earliest lords were the de Clanowes or de Clavenoghs, whose heiress married Sir John Pointz of Iron Acton. Henry ap Griffith was lord of the manor in the reign of Edward IV, from whom it descended to the Vaughans of Bredwardine and thus to the Cornewalls. Sir George Cornewall, Bart., exchanged it at the beginning of the present century with Mr. Walter Watkins, and the parish is now chiefly owned by Mr. W. Watkins, Sir G. Cornewall and Mrs. Penoyre.”

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