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Encroachments and enclosures by cottagers in Cusop

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A 3 page report by James Spencer of his visit to cottagers in Cusop concerning their leases and rents is shown in the digital images below.  All the cottages and associated land appear to have originated as encroachments or permitted enclosures on waste or common land pertaining to Sir George Cornewall of Moccas Court.

Place names mentioned include Mouse Castle, the Dingle, Phillip’s Folly, the Hill [?Cusop Common], Lydyady Way, Cusop Green, Dulas Bridge.

Features of land use mentioned include fields, rough land, fences, farm, lime kiln, timber, garden, meadow, blacksmith.

Most of the cottages apparently had no formal lease; some were recently built and some nearly in ruins. Two cottages had leases dating 1772 and 1708.

James Spencer was a solicitor in Hay, and his report refers to discussions with a Mr Watkins who may have been steward to Sir George Cornewall.

The cottagers named are:

William Evans

Thomas Jones

Thomas Harries

William Preece

Henry Rowlands

William Phillips

William William

Edward Evans

James Prosser

Moses Cartwright

Ezekiel [?]

Thomas Price

Robert Roberts

James Lyde

J Price

William Griffiths

Henry Harris

W Rowlands

[blank] Jenkins

Richard Phillips






The source document is a poor quality photocopy. Marginal notes which were apparently added later in pencil include the memos ‘got it’ and ‘not got it’ which may refer to renewal of leases or to receipt of rents.



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