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Video Archive: Craswall: Lives and Landscapes under the Black Hill

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With the kind permission of Angela Bennett and Ruth Watkins, a locally produced DVD about the landscape and people of Craswall is copied here. It is introduced on the cover as follows:

The English side of the Black Mountains has been called the lungs of the West Midlands.  Lying close to our industrial heartland these green hills really are like lungs: they are airy, indispensible and sensitive to change.

They are also beautiful and this twenty minute film records that beauty whilst weaving in some glimpses of the lives lived there. It documents some of the history, traditions, culture, farming practices and landscape of one small hill farming community: Craswall.

The Black Mountains have supported a traditional way of farming livestock, using both the open mountain and the enclosed land. Over the past eight years, a film maker has made an archive of the documentary footage to honour this way of life in what is one of the most remote and distinctive parts of rural England. This film has been made to give shape to that archive.



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