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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Thomas Watkins

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Probate papers of Thomas Watkins, bachelor & yeoman late of the Cwm Stepps in the township of Crasswall.

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 14th May 1851

Beneficiaries: Elizabeth, sister, and children by her first husband, that is to say Anne George the wife of Arnold George of Pontymoody and George Watkins now residing in North America the brother of the said Anne George; Anne, sister and her children, my nephews, William, John, George and David sons of John Watkins now residing in Olchon; John Watkins, nephew, late of the [?Coad] in Craswall; Mary Farr, niece, wife of John Farr of the Middle Cwm; James Watkins, brother, and his daughter Marianne and his sons James, Peter, John, William, George and Samuel; William Watkins, nephew, son of my brother William Watkins of the Cwm Stepps; David Watkins, brother, cabinet maker now residing in the City of Hereford; William Watkins now residing at Gwrlodith Farm in the township of Newton, who is also appointed sole executor of the will.

Others mentioned: None

Witnesses: Not legible [the document is damaged]

Inventory included: Yes, dated 28th March 1853, value £415-02-06, [including one item of £400 relating to a mortgage; the description is only partly legible because of damage to the document]

Appraisers: James Watkins; William [?Sanders]

Will proved:  15th December 1853

Bond included: None

Other papers: None

Property/Holdings: As noted above


The testator died on 4th March 1853

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Ref: rs_cra_0050