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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Richard Smyth

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Probate papers of Richard Smyth

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 21st October 1768

Beneficiaries: Blanch Smyth, wife; each of the children [not named] of my late brother David Smith [sic]; each of the children of my late sister Mary Holl; each of the children of my late sister Joan Davis; Jane the wife of Thomas Gwillim of the parish of Cliford [Clifford]

Others mentioned: Wife Blanch Smyth appointed sole executrix

Witnesses: Richard Andrews; [?Robert] Shaw

Inventory included: Yes, 2 copies, dated 18th November 1768, valued at £19-18-06 including £10-1-0 ‘doubtful debt due from several persons’

Appraisers: Robert Shaw; James Harrees

Will proved:  17th February 1769

Bond included: None

Other papers: Note to to Mr Edward Davis at the Register Office in Brecknock, dated 16th February 1768, requesting delivery of the probate of Richard Smyth’s will to the bearer and give him a receipt for the charge, signed by Robert Shaw.

Property/Holdings: None named


The Will is annotated as registered dated 15th November 1768, but the cover sheet records the will proved on 17th February 1769. The separate note requesting probate is dated 16th February 1768, presumably the year being given in error.

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