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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Mary Symonds

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Probate papers of Mary Symonds, widow

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 1st April 1851

Beneficiaries: Edward Prosser, nephew; Elizabeth Harper, niece; Elizabeth Herbert; Margaret [?Ballat]; Margery Walters, cousin; Hannah Evans, Goddaughter; Mary Jones, niece. Leasehold messuage, lands and premises in the township of Craswall are bequeathed in trust to the executor, George Hughes of Craswall, to be let out and the rents therefrom to be paid to the said niece Mary Jones for her sole use independent of her present or any future husband.

Others mentioned: George Hughes appointed sole executor and trustee

Witnesses: William Hughes; Richard Lang of Hay;

Inventory included: None; will annotated ‘effects sworn under £100’.

Appraisers: None

Will proved:  1st March 1856. The will is annotated that Administration is granted to Mary Jones of the Three Horse Shoes in the township of Craswall, widow, the niece and next of kin of the deceased, and that the testatrix died on the 7th March 1855, the executor having died in the testatrix’s lifetime.

Bond included: Yes, dated 1st March 1856, naming Mary Jones of Craswall, widow, James Watkins of the Firs Farm Craswall and Elijah Jones of the Great Blackhill Craswall

Other papers: None

Property/Holdings: None named in the will


The will specifies burial as near as convenient to the remains of her late husband in the parish church of Michaelchurch Escley, or if the Ecclesiastical Authorities raise objection, in the churchyard of the said church.

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