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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Jacob Griffiths

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Probate papers of Jacob Griffiths, yeoman

Will included: Yes, dated 19 June 1756

Beneficiaries: to my loving wife Anne all my leasehold estate which I hold under the Right Hon Lord Abergavenny and all other my land and premises of what tenure soever situate in the township of Craswall, in case she remains sole and unmarried, and if she intermarries with another husband then I give and devise all the above mentioned premises unto Hannah the daughter of my brother Job Davies. Also I bequeath unto the said Hannah the use and lawful interest of forty pounds until she shall attain the age of eighteen years to her own sole use without the control or disturbance of her father [and thereafter] bequeath unto her the said forty pounds. If the said Hannah shall happen to die before her father Job Davies or before she comes to the age of eighteen years then I bequeath the said forty pounds unto the children of my cousin Nathaniel Parry late of Llanigon, the children of my relation James Nicholas and the children of Thomas Lewis the elder of Llanveynoe share and share alike. Also I give the sum of ten pounds to be laid out at interest for the use of the poor of the township of Craswall to be yearly distributed at the discretion of the most substantial inhabitants of the said township. Bequests of ten pounds each given to the children of my cousin Nathaniel Parry; the children of my relation James Nicholas of Olphon; and the children of my friend Thomas Lewis the elder.                                                                                                                                               

Others mentioned: Wife Ann appointed sole executrix

Witnesses: William Gilbert, Thomas Parry, [?] Gilbert

Inventory included: None

Will proved: 22 February 1757

Bond included: None

Other papers: None

Property/Holdings: None named


Noted ‘Inventory: to be exhibited’.

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