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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Henry Prosser

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Probate papers of Henry Prosser the Elder, turner

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 28th July 1745

Beneficiaries: The house and lands wherein I live together with household goods and stock to my loving wife [Anne Prosser], and after her decease the  house and lands to Erasmus Prosser, son, and his heirs during the lives in the lease; the house and lands formerly of Thomas Miles to my wife for her life and then to my son Henry and his heirs during the lease; the house and lands I hold under the Lord Abergavenny by lease to my wife for her life and then to my daughter Anne during her life and after her decease to her child or children, or if none then to Thomas, son of my son Walter Prosser and his heirs during the term of the lease; to my daughter Mary the plow and one pair of Horse harrows; to my son Henry one pair of wheels; to Henry, grandson, five pounds and one cow;

Others mentioned: Wife Anne Prosser appointed sole executrix

Witnesses: Jn Gilbert; William James; Leonard Higgins

Inventory included: Yes, 2 copies, dated 22nd February 1749, value £18-17-0

Appraisers: William [?Munck]; Thomas Beavan

Will proved:  10th September 1750

Bond included: None

Other papers: 1. Letter of commission under seal from Richard, Lord Bishop of St David’s to Richard Rees [Reece] Clerk Vicar of Clodock, dated the 7th September 1750, giving instructions regarding proving the will and inventory of Henry Prosser the elder.
2. Memorandum swearing to the will and inventory of Henry Prosser the elder, deceased, recording that Ann Prosser was duly sworn; witnessed by Leonard Higgins and Isabella Mills before Richard Reece Clerk on 10th September 1750

Property/Holdings: None named



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