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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: David Price

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Probate papers of David Price, yeoman

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 18th October, 1745

Beneficiaries: To Ann my well beloved wife all that messuage or tenement and lands that I now occupy, held by indenture of lease under Lord Abergavenny for her life or so long as the term of lives in the indenture shall continue. Other beneficiaries are Mary, the daughter of Phillip Davies of Lower Mesoid [Maescoed]; Elizabeth, sister; Robert Price, brother

Others mentioned: Ann Price, wife, as sole executrix

Witnesses: Thomas Williams the Elder; Thomas Williams the Younger

Inventory included: Yes, 2 copies, dated 23rd October 1745, valued at £20-00-00

Appraisers: Thomas Price; John Jenkins

Will proved:  26th May 1746

Bond included: None

Other papers: 1. Letter dated 24th May 1746 from Richard, Bishop of St David’s to Richard Reece, Phillip Price and Thomas Higgins giving instructions to take an inventory, to swear Ann Price of the truth of the will of David Price, yeoman, deceased, and to transmit the information to the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Brecon.
2. Written oath administered to Ann Price as executrix of David Price, deceased, annotated with confirmation that she was duly sworn on the 25th May 1746, signed by Richard Reece, Vicar of Clodock.
3. [2 pages] Deposition by Thomas Williams the Elder of the parish of Clodock, cooper, aged ‘fifty five years and upwards’ as a sworn witness testifying to the detailed circumstances of the signing of the will of David Price, confirming the identity of the document that they witnessed, and that the testator died on the 18th October at night without altering or revoking his will.
4. [2 pages] Deposition by Thomas Williams the Younger of the parish of Clodock, cooper, aged ‘twenty seven years or thereabouts’ as a sworn witness testifying as in (3) above.
5. [2 pages] The first page commences with a statement that these are the depositions of witnesses sworn and examined in the Registry Office of Brecon on behalf of Ann Price executrix of the will of David Price late of Clodock against Robert Price of Clodock, concerning the goods of the said deceased.
There follows a deposition by Thomas Price of Clodock, yeoman, aged thirty seven years, describing how on the 17th October [1745] one John Jenkins of Clodock, the party allegant’s brother [ie Ann Price’s brother] told this witness that the testator wanted him to come to his house to draw up his will. This witness immediately went there, and on the 18th October drew up the will in writing then read and explained it to the testator who approved it and signed it in front of two other witnesses. He further confirms the will and the signatures of the witnesses are genuine and that Ann Price was appointed sole executrix.
6. [2 pages] Document formally requesting grant of probate to Ann Price as sole executrix of the will of David Price and describing ‘the business of proveing by witnesses the last will and testament of David Price…’

Property/Holdings: None named



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