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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Charles Thomas

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Probate papers of Charles Thomas

Will included: Yes

Date of Will: 15th February 1680

Beneficiaries: To John Thomas, brother, specified livestock ‘to be sould for the maintayning of my children Samuel and [?Dina]’ with fifty shillings bestowed to ‘put my youngest son an apprentice’ and thirty shillings to my youngest daughter Hana. All the cottage lands arable meadows and pastures and buildings wherein we do live to eldest son Samuel after the decease of my wife Sibile, or if he dies without children to my other son Daniell; to younger son Daniell one parcel of land in Craswall of about two acres with one house upon the land [?with a brook called monway [?Monnow]] on one side and on the other side a domain called forest [?cen] [?hene], or if he dies without children the said land to my two daughters Dina and Hana. [It is implied that wife Sibile Thomas is to receive the property where they live and the personal goods and chattels for her life or until she remarries, in the latter case the goods and chattels are specified to be divided between the children]

Others mentioned: Brother John Thomas appointed executor; John [?], father-in-law appointed overseer

Witnesses: Henry Prosser; [?] Prosser; Stephen Watkins

Inventory included: Yes, dated 6th April 1681, value £24-09-00

Appraisers: Harry Prosser; William Lewis; James Prosser; Stephen Watkins

Will proved:  23rd July 1681

Bond included: Yes, dated 23rd July 1681, naming John Thomas of Craswall and John Watkins of Clodock and signed by them

Other papers: None

Property/Holdings: None named


Documents are quite difficult to read, and many spellings are unusual.

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