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Probate Collection; Will for Thomas ap Ricket

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1. Will dated 28 July 1602 [probably nuncupative]
To Michaelchurch Escley church, for 'reparacons of such wants as belong', 3/4d
To wife, Mawde, 4 kine
Towards 'my mystith [missed tithe?]' 2/-.
To Constans daughter of John Thomas of Snowdhill and my daughter's daughter, 2 parcels of ground commonly called 'Werne Ycha and Werne Wawre which I late purchased of Lewis Gilbert, gent. If John Thomas' son Thomas John Thomas, his heir, pays Constans 100 marks [£68 6 8d] within 9 years he shall have it.
To Constans, 10 sheep and one great Andiron and half the household stuff.
To his natural Mother 4 Nobles a year for life [a Noble was worth a third of a pound, 6/8d]
paid by wife Mawde quarterly starting at the end of the first quarter after his death.
To Elizabeth, base daughter of Walter Williams, clerk, the testator's maid servant, 2 kine, 'the which I bought of Richard Thomas Taylor [unclear whether this is his name or trade] and the two kine to be delivered up the sixth day of May next.
To Joan Thomas Watkin, 4 lambs.
To Thomas Harry Prichard, one lamb.
To Thomas, son of William Phe [Phillip or Phillips], my godson, 2 sheep.
To Jenkin William Price, godson, 2 sheep.
To John Harry Watkin, godson, 2 sheep.
To Margaret, the base daughter of Griffith Harry Powell, one yearling heifer.
To Maud Eustance, one lamb.
To Thomas John Thomas, 10 sheep.
To Sybill, daughter of William William Price, one lamb.
To Joane one other daughter of William William Price, one lamb.
To Elizabeth and Mawld daughters of Lewis Thomas one lamb each.
Elizabeth , base daughter of Walter Williams aforesaid, one pewter dish and a brass skillet.
To Constans, daughter of John Thomas aforesaid, one 'heyffer culloured black'.
The residue of his goods, household goods and chattels are left to pay funeral expenses, 'to be spent and bestowed as shall appertaine'

Executor: Thomas, son of John Thomas of Snowdhill with brother in law Jenkyn Moody and John Thomas overseers.

No evidence of either mark or signature by the Testator

Witnesses: James Harry powelll, Harry Prichard, Watkin Thomas Watkin and James Thomas Watkin

2. Memorandum or codicil. Dated 1 August 1602
The foresaid Thomas ap Ricket being in perfect mind and memorie at thye time of the publishing of his will did give and bequeath unto the children of John Davie John of Llanvaughawe, Co Monmouth, 55/8d [undeciperable words inserted above the line] And to the children of Walter Williams, clerk, 13/4d
In the presence of these witnesses Harry Powell, Harrie Prichard, Watkin Thomas Watkin and Joane Thomas Watkin.

Date of Probate: 14 November 1617

2. Inventory: none surviving.




There are no accompanying documents surviving from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
This "will" also contains a list of debts both owed and owing but here shown separately>

Debts owing to the testator:
Imprimis uppon John Thomas of Snowdhill £20
uppon David Richard William £7, rent due at Alholowtide [All Hallows, 30 October] and '33/4d for other reconnings due.'
uppon Owen Powell £5 3 8d 'at days long past for Cattell and money lent him'
uppon William Powell 50/- for pasture 'and 3/- which he is behind for lambs which he bought of me'
uppon John Breinton, gent 33/4 already due.
uppon John Howel Phe dd 10/-
uppon David Thomas Prees 10/-
uppon Jeuan [Ewan?] Nicholas 12/- to be paid at Michaelmas next.
uppon Thomas Howell Prichrd by bill of his hand 28/-
uppon William Howell by his writing obligatorie 40/-

Debts due upon the Testator
To Elizabeth Trantor £20.
To Margaret Griffith, the base daughter of Grithith Harry Powell Bevan, £22, one flockbed and such furniture 'as was appointed by her father at his decease and sithence lying in my hands'.

To Richard ap Richard of
Hereford 13/4d
To Blanch Jefferys 10 lambs

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