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Probate Collection; Will and documents for Harry Phe[Phillip] Harry

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1. Will
19 September 1624

To the cathedral church of St Davids ,12d.
For forgotten tithes, 2d
To Margaret William, mother, [hole] 'in the hands of Richard Johns [ lost through fading] due by bond and £5 more which is in the hands of the same Richard Johns by the same bond'
To Ianhan Phe, sister, £12 held by Richard Johns by the aforesaid bond and a 'reed [red?]' 3 yr old bullock.
To James Phe, brother the same [undecipherable] bequest between Margaret William, mother and Ianhan Phe,sister, 2 bullocks, one calf and the other brown 3 yr old bullock.
To Richard Phee Harry, brother, one brown cow, one other red cow
To William Phe , brother, 2 black kine and a black mare.
To Ianhan Phee, sister, one brass pan and one brass pot.
'I give and bequeath my sheep in shepherd of Anne Price, to James Phe my brother'.
To Phee Rees, godson, 2 sheep.
To John son of John [torn] 2 sheep
[The rest of this document was too damaged to decipher

Executor: none decipherable

No mark or signature discernable

Witnesses; [too damaged].

Date of probate:
21 June 1625

2. Inventory: none.



Observations :

This was a badly damaged document.

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