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Lease for lives, Forest Hene

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D.1583.4.49,50: Lease for lives, Mar 22, 1749-1750

(1) Rt Hon George, Lord Abergavenny

(2) William Davies of township of Crasswall, husbandman

Consideration: £42

2 decayed messuages and garden with 24 acres in the possession of Margarret Jones, widow, mother-in-law of the lessee on Forrest Hene, with liberty of inclosing 3 acres more out of the said forrest’s waste adjoining the premises.

For the lives of (2) aged 31, Sarah his wife aged 48 and Sarah Lewis aged 10 daughter of William Lewis of the hamlet of Chappell y Fene, par Lanigon co Brecon, husbandman.

Rent 14/- with 7/- as a heriot and with suit of court.

Witnesses: Elfred Stapes, Rice Price, Job Davies, John Gilbert.

Endorsed: Note re livery of seisin by John Gilbert, 3 June, 1741. Witness Job Davies.

D.1583.4.51: Note (see 4.49), undated.  

Description of leasehold lands of Ann Davis in Crasswall, £50 fine for addition of 2 lives now to be Sarah March (nee Lewis?), Rachel Davies, spinster, daughter of Ann Davis, aged about 30 and John Gilbert, second son of William Gilbert of Craswall, yeoman, grandson of Ann Davis, aged about 5.

Addressed to Mr Kinsey, Abergavenny



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Ref: nw_cra_1036