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Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Lease for lives, Forest Hene

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1719 - 1790


D.1583.2.90: Lease for lives, Oct 6, 1719

(1) Rt Hon George Lord Bergavenny

(2) Elizabeth Lloyd of par Clodock, spinster

A cottage and 3 acres of land on Forest Hene Common, in the possession of (2) (boundaries given).

For lives of (2), William David son of Robert David of Llanellew co Brecon, and Bridges Thomas, son of Humphry Thomas esq.

Rent 1/6d with 5/- as a heriot and with suit of court.

Witnesses: W Langford and William Osmond

Memo ‘that on the re-granting of this lease there was a former lease surrendered wherein Mr Bridges Thomas was the surviving life’.


(a) Job Gilbert delivered seisin to (2), 29 Oct, 1719.

(b) Lease re-granted to David Gilbert, 1790

D.1583.2.91: Note (found with 2.90, no date)

William Davies [?David], last surviving life in amended lease, died at Partrishow on Tues 8 June, 1790.  Premises now occupied by David Gilbert and consist of a house, a barn, 11/2  acre of meadow and 11/2 acre of arable.

D.1583.2.92: Note (found with 2.90, no date)

List of leasehold lands in possession of David Gilbert at Forrest Hean, Crasswell and note re lease for 3 lives of 1790. (David, James and John Gilbert, sons of David Gilbert, lessee). Fine £16



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