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Image and details of sale particulars of The Birches, Maerdy and Craigau

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Craswall and Cusop




This document comprises only two pages of a set of auction sale particulars comprising over twenty one lots. The earlier pages and any later pages, are missing and so the date and location of the sale are not known. Plans are also missing and there is no indication as to the vendor.
However, the details advise as to the 1907 Tithe and a vacant possession date on one farm of February 1908. 1907 therefore looks to be the likely sale date.

This is supported by documents relating to The Birches, Craswall which may be found at tg_cra_0032. These advise that the beneficiaries of Lewis and Mary Watkins sold The Birches in November 1907 to William Lewis - probably the same William Lewis who tenanted The Birches at the auction sale date.

A summary of the properties in Craswall and Cusop is set out below together with photographs of the document.


Lot 18 The Birches

Freehold farm comprising 177a 3r 31p of meadow, pasture and arable land with hill grazing rights let to Mr William Lewis on a yearly tenancy at £50 pa. Water supply is subject to a payment to the Penyworlod Estate.


Lot 19 The Murdy [Maerdy]

Freehold farm comprising 279a 1r 26p of pasture and woodland with commons rights let to GR Trafford Esq. on a yearly tenancy at £90 pa.


Lot 20 The Craigiau [Craigau]

Freehold farm comprising 86a 1r 31p of meadow, pasture, arable and woodland let to Mr John Watkins on a yearly tenancy at £40 pa.


Lot 21 Little or Upper Craigiau

Pasture and arable land and former cottage adjoining Lot 20 comprising 2a 0r 18p let to Mr John Watkins on a yearly tenancy at £1 10s pa.





Further information relating to some of the properties mentioned may be found at tg_cra_0032.

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