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Transcription of Agent’s pocket book. Map 6 items

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Craswall, Michaelchurch


1760 -1862


Map No 6 – Craswall & Michaelchurch

(map taken from D1583/208)
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Crasswall & Michaelchurch - Copyhold

No.1, 2, 3, 4
Copy granted 16 Nov 1855 to Richard Barton the Lord of Caldy Manor, Co Chester, Esq.
for the Lives of the Grantee then aged [blank], John Harris 10 (son of Wm Harris of Trewern Longtown Yeoman), and Thos Price 10 (son of John Price of Pont Henry, Longtown, Gent)
See Court Roll page 390
Called “The Wilderness”
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 579, 580, 613, 614 & 615
Acreage 19a.3r.29p
Reserved Rent 1/6½


No. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Copy granted 22 August 1854 to John Phillips of Crasswall, Yeoman
for the Lives of John, David and Wm Gilbert Phillips then aged resptly 22, 19 and 16 (sons of Grantee)
See Court Roll page 580
Crasswall Tithe Map 771, 772, 773, 774, 778, 781a & 781
Acreage 31a.2r.35p
Reserved Rent 2/3


No. 11, 12, 13, 14,15
Copy granted 20 Nov 1818 to Hugh Phillips of Crasswall, Yeoman
for the Lives of John and James Phillips (sons of Grantee) then aged resptly 21 and 15 and Peter Watkins (son of Wm Watkins of the Upper Cwm, in Crasswall) then aged 15
See Court Roll page 316
Peter Watkins dead. John Phillips resides on premises. and James emigrated to America some 20 years ago.
Crasswall Tithe map 775, 776, 789, 790, 791 792, 1794, 800 & 801
Acreage 23a.0r.31p
Reserved Rent 2/-


No. 16 to 31 Inclusive
Copy granted 20 Dec 1855 to Elizabeth Jones of Michaelchurch, Widow
for the Lives of the Grantee then aged 47 and John and Noah Jones then aged 16and 11 resptly (sons of Grantee)
See Court Roll page 505
Elizabeth Jones (Lessee) now the wife of John Davies of the “Chapel “ Farm near Abergavenny
called “Cefn Kist”
Michaelchurch Tithe Map  1012 to 1025 inclusive 1020a 1025a & 1038
acreage 68a.0r.3p
Reserved rent 4/10½


No. 32, 33, 34
Leasehold. Lease Granted 29 Sept 1826 to Henry Morgan of Newton Court
for the Lives of John Watkins (son of Wm Watkins of the “Middle Cwm”) then aged 9, Benjamin Lewis (now of the Lower Maescoed, Laborer) then aged 7, and John Jones (son of John Jones of “Llanon” St. Margarets, Gent) 2 years .
called the “Castell” and now in possession of James Farr and Henry Lillwall.
About 4 acres enclosed out of Common.- now in 5 fields
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 43 to 51 inclusive
Acreage 13a.0r.18p


No. 35
Leasehold. Lease granted 25 March 1805 to Thomas Phillips of Michaelchurch, Yeoman
for the Lives of Elizabeth, Hester and Evan Phillips (children of Lessee) then aged resptly 22, 18 and 15. Elizabeth and Evan Phillips both dead. – Hester married and is now the Widow of James Parry late of Parish of Dillon, Co Hereford, deced
called “Spring Castle”
now in possession of Thomas Philips
Michaelchurch Tithe Map 37 to 42 inclusive.
Acreage 10a.0r.9p


Encroachments by said Thos Phillips out of common and adjoining said Lease lands held by him Nos. on Tithe map 1,5,6 & 7 . Acreage 5a.3r.0p
Query - 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 also in his possession, Encroachment
Query – 8,9,10,11,12 & 13



Use of capitals, spelling and punctuation have been retained. To ease readability some line breaks have been introduced. Some abbreviations have been expanded. Brackets - ( ) are as document. Brackets - [ ] indicate text struck out or added information. The Field numbers used for primary identification are those used in a survey made before 1800 (see D/1583/208) and predate those of the Tithe surveys of the 1840’s.

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